America Dream Meaning

America is a country of many nations. If in a dream you happened to be a guest, or maybe even a resident of this continent, then before proceeding to interpret it, you should remember what you saw there, what you did and with whom you communicated, the dreambooks recommend.

According to Miller, who was the citizen of USA, if an ordinary citizen saw America in his dream, this is a sign of coming difficulties. If a foreigner had a dream about this country, he should be ready for new discoveries.

    Seeing a dream about American recognizable symbolic is interpreted depending on details:
  • to dream of an American flag - prosperity.
  • If a woman sees the American flag - she will get acquainted with the military man.
  • The coat of arms of any of the states of America is a sign of an important event.
  • Seeing the name "Hollywood" in the distance - for fun and joy.
  • The Statue of Liberty promises an important decision.
  • Grand Canyon seen in a dream - wait for the obstacles on the way to your goal.

If you happened to see a US president in your dream, this is a sign that you will have a chance to revise your abilities and power in order not to fail when it is required. If the president was your friend or relative in a dream, you can be expecting an authoritative protector. If you yourself were the president, be prepared for the fact that soon someone will be waiting for your help in solving the problem issue.

A dream about communicating with an American citizen is associated with an acquaintance with a person whose views will not coincide with yours. If the American was aggressive you will have a new enemy.

According to preacher Loff, moving to the USA in a dream is a symbol of increasing your profits. If you went to America for work, you can get ready for a long-term business trip; going there to rest – you will have a chance for success.

Dreams about “wild” America have another interpretation. The plot predicts incredible events to the one who in a dream went astride across the prairies of the Wild West. And if you dreamed of a trip through the jungles of Amazonia, then you should be careful not to take any decisions. Ride on savanna, watching wildlife from a jeep is a symbol of risky adventures.

Sergii Haranenko
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