Suitcase Dream Meaning

A lot of dreambooks interpret the image of suitcase in a dream as a sign of coming long-way trip. What the road will be like depends largely on what lay in the travel bag, what color it was, how big or small it was.

If you just saw a suitcase in a dream in spring, this means some news from afar. If you happened to see this dream in summer, this is a sign that all your expectations are in vain.

Some dreambooks interpret travel bags seen in a dream as a sign of bad luck. If there were a bunch of randomly scattered things in it, then you can be sure that a conflict with a close person will arise very soon.

According to Miller, a suitcase seen in a dream can have ambiguous interpretation. If you are a businessman and are worried about your load, this is a symbol of definite success. If it does not fit all things, it is impossible to lock it- expect to be promoted, or receive a bonus.

A new suitcase predicts sexual affair with a young woman if seen by a man, the Wanderer’s dreambook thinks. For a girl, this is a symbol of her innocence, closeness for intimate relationships, unwillingness to move to a new level of relationship with her second half.

An old suitcase, or even worse - a torn one, is a sign about existing problems in the field of woman’s sexual health. For a man, such a picture has a psychoanalytic value, it symbolizes frustration and distrust of the opposite sex.

A suitcase full of coins is a symbol of successful events during the upcoming trip, which will help make new lucrative connections, and ensure a comfortable life.

If the suitcase was full of banknotes, the dreambooks predict losses and disappointments. Although, if you failed to close the zipper, you can prepare a new suit - you will be promoted at work.

If you see a full travel bag, this plot means that secrets and knowledge accumulated in your luggage of knowledge for the whole life are an unbearable burden that you want to escape.

An empty suitcase seen in a dream predicts problems in the family and even cheating for married people. In some cases an empty suitcase can predict someone’s death.

A dream about red suitcase carries in itself subconscious signals that your passionate nature is at the peak of its activity now, and the dreambooks warn that you can do irreparable actions that will undermine your authority and trust in you.

Gathering a suitcase for the trip is not a very favorable dream. It means you will have a quarrel with your partner soon.

According to the Women’s dreambook, packing clothes in the suitcase is a symbol of successful trip, but only if they were neatly packed. But if clothes and other items were in disarray scattered, the dream predicts bad luck for the trip that might end earlier than planned.

If money and valuable documents were hidden in a lost bag in a dream, then in reality the fruits of your work will be brazenly reaped by other people.

If you lose a suitcase with clothes and are not very worried about it, this means you will be ready to work more and your hopes will be finally fulfilled.

If you know the person who stole your suitcase in a dream, you can be sure it is right to finish your relations with this person because he brings only troubles.

Forgetting a suitcase in a dream means that your hard work will not be appreciated by the authorities. Looking for a suitcase in a dream is a symbol of losing your identity; you are entangled in love situations, and have an urgent need to change the situation and reconsider priorities.

Buying a suitcase in a dream means your life will become better after friends’ help. Carrying a suitcase that seems very heavy is a subconscious symbol of your complexes coming from childhood.

Sergii Haranenko
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