Anaconda Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dreamed about anaconda? The snake seen in a dream is a symbol of trouble and betrayal. But what the anaconda means in a dream cannot be said unequivocally. To understand what a given dream prophesies, you need to remember the plot in great detail and check with the dream book.

To see in a dream how a large snake crawls towards you - unfortunately, not all those whom you consider friends are those in fact, the Women's Dream Book saddens.

If you had a dream that you are frolicking with a tame anaconda in the water – this means you are friends with a person who is a potential enemy for you. One wrong act or statement will turn him into an enemy.

To see that you are saving a person who is strangled by an anaconda in a dream means you can help your friend get out of an unpleasant situation in reality.

If you have a dream that you noticed a huge anaconda in the water while swimming in a pond, this plot means that in the near future you will meet a person who will strive to become your friend, but only in order to harm you in the future.

If you dreamed that you did not notice the anaconda in the tall grass and stepped on it – this dream plot means you should not share your plans and secrets with anyone, competitors may find out about them, Tsvetkov's dream book warns.

If you dreamed that an anaconda was choking you, but you managed to get out of its suffocating embrace – this image means that despite the difficulties awaiting you, you will be able to fulfill your plans, the Moon Dream Book promises.

If a woman dreams that she killed the anaconda that bit her – this means she has a rival in reality, but you can get rid of her without much effort.

To see how two huge anacondas are fighting, intertwining and biting each other - your rivals or competitors will not manage to share something and will "strangle" each other, thereby saving you from trouble.

A baby snake hatched from an egg is a symbol of the birth of new hopes and prospects.

If you dreamed that a hungry anaconda bit its tail and tried to swallow it – such a plot means because of the intrigues of ill-wishers, you “walk in circles”, not solving your problems, but confusing them, Miller's dream book predicts.

To dream of a large snake basking on warm stones is a sign that you need to take care of your health; old chronic diseases may remind of themselves.

Anaconda, lying in the water like a huge log means that your plans are not destined to come true due to major problems, Miss Hasse's dream book upsets.

A dream about a python hanging from a tree like a liana is a symbol of failure and disappointment. If there were a lot of reptiles, expect a series of lingering problems.

If a woman dreams that she helped a calm and peaceful anaconda get out from under the fallen trees, this plot predicts joy and good mood, but if the reptile tried to bite or strangle her at the same time – this means resentment and disappointment, the Female Dream Book states.

Watching the mating games of boas is a symbol of a pleasant trip in the company of a person you like.

Taking pictures with anaconda predicts a noisy and cheerful entertainment in the company of your like-minded people. It can be alumni meeting, a corporate party, etc.

Training a boa constrictor in a dream – means you should be extremely careful when communicating with your boss, there is a risk of getting a reprimand. You are "walking on a razor blade", your position is very precarious.

Sergii Haranenko
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