Antelope Dream Meaning

What does wildebeest symbolize in dreams? According to the Modern dreambook, an antelope in a dream can mean that your plans can only come true if you put a lot of effort into it.

Seeing this graceful animal in a dream in freedom or in a zoo may be a sign of a long-promised valuable gift.

According to Miller’s dreambook, seeing antelopes in a dream means that you can fulfill your extensive plans only by spending a lot of energy.

For a young woman seeing an antelope that stumbled and fell from height means that the love she seeks will be unhappy.

According to the Dreambook of the 20th century, a wildebeest in a dream is a sign of unfulfilled hopes and desires.

If you are playing with an antelope, this suggests that happiness can be fragile and luck is ready to change you at any moment. Maybe it's time for you to stop building castles in the air and do something more earthly and real?

Dreaming of a dead or caught antelope speaks of the imminent collapse of hopes and plans.

A wild antelope in the wild is a harbinger of an unexpected increase in income, unplanned profits. A herd of antelopes is a harbinger of unexpected profits as well.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, the antelope in the zoo is a symbol of disappointment.

According to the Children’s dreambook, dreaming about antelope means soon your life will be filled with events - the main thing for you is to be everywhere in time.

A herd of antelopes seen from an airplane or helicopter and running away from it – means your dreams can take you in the wrong direction, you should be more sober and down to earth.

An antelope that you are hunting for while taking part in an African safari, struck down by a well-aimed shot and fallen to the ground, is a sign that the love you are striving for and fighting for is not worth it.

A dream in which you see an antelope running through the mountains indicates the illusory nature of your dream. If an antelope runs across a green plain, this means your dream can come true if in a dream you are sure that you will catch up with it or be able to catch it. In general, the dream about the antelope warns you that you should not get carried away by unrealistic hopes. Look at the world with wide eyes and do not expect a miracle. Dreams should not tear you away from reality, because then you may not notice the danger lurking nearby. The antelope that you see in a zoo in a dream means the illusory nature of your hopes and the futility of desires.

A dead antelope in a dream is a sign of the collapse of hopes and love suffering.

Sergii Haranenko
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