Appendicitis Dream Meaning

Getting rid of “unnecessary” connections and responsibilities – this is what the surgical intervention to remove the appendix seen in a dream promises. Although in this case, however, as in most others, for a reliable interpretation of what appendicitis means in a dream, many facts should be taken into account: who deleted it, from whom, and what were the consequences.

Miller's dream interpretation, explaining why the removal of appendicitis is seen in a dream, pleases its readers: all obstacles to the goal will be eliminated, and in the shortest possible time. Feel free to take up work - it will bring you success and material wealth.

A completely joyless interpretation of a dream awaits you if you saw a doctor stitching your suture in a dream. Such a dream means a quarrel with a loved one, and possibly separation.

A dream in which you had appendicitis removed can be interpreted in different ways, depending on whether you felt pain in a dream or not.

If you dreamed that you were screaming from pain, it means that you will find a sudden, even sharp, improvement in the situation. You are unexpectedly very lucky, and your task is not to miss the chance.

But if you didn’t feel at all how appendicitis was cut out from you, this means you should think about whether you are taking the right steps, fulfilling your plans. It might be worth pausing to rethink the situation.

As for the meaning of a dream of procedure for excising appendicitis during which you were a surgeon, it is explained by Tsvetkov’s dream book: a responsible mission will be entrusted to you, the success of which will raise you high in social status. Most likely, this interpretation refers to work, the successful implementation of which will allow you take the chair of the leader.

And Vanga’s dream book, explaining why one dreams of removing the appendix from someone, predicts deliverance from obsessive people and from reasons that impede the implementation of plans.

Did you have a dream that your suture is healing right in front of your eyes? This symbolizes the speedy elimination of obstacles and competitors, the dream books predict. But the long and painful healing of the suture of the suture is identified with procrastination and lack of assistance from the outside.

Longo's dream book offers an interesting interpretation: do you see in a dream that you had appendicitis removed without having made a single incision? A happy chance will help you fulfill your dream.

    Remember, perhaps you had a completely different “role” than a doctor or patient in a dream about appendicitis. Here is what it means, for example, to be in a dream:
  • surgical nurse – you are in need of an experienced tutor;
  • intern-trainee – you have many ambitions, do not suppress them;
  • being a relative of the person undergoing surgery – someone close to you will ask for your help.
Sergii Haranenko
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