Dizziness Dream Meaning

The dreambooks give quite opposite interpretations of plots about your own dizziness. Some interpreters believe that nothing good can be expected, but others, on the contrary, predict joy and success.

According to Miller, feeling dizzy in a dream is a negative sign meaning disorder in your life and family problems that can lead to separation. Any of the events that happen to you will not have a momentary nature, but a long or even permanent one, without the possibility of going back to the past.

The Modern dreambook give another interpretation of dizziness form success or sudden joy. If you are dizzy with the praise of your boss, this means that in reality you should be ready for loud glory.

The Easter dreambooks also considers dizziness on a joyful occasion, e.g. from falling in love or passion reflects really existing passionate feelings. Love will be mutual and bring a lot of happiness and delight.

    Feeling dizzy because of height is a symbol of possible danger to get into trouble making wrong decision. The dreambooks take into consideration the place where it happened:
  • On the roof of skyscraper – to not say anything negative about your boss;
  • In the airplane – you should moderate your ambitions;
  • On the stairs – you are too distracted;
  • On a parachute – you can offend your friends;
  • Above the abyss – you should avoid extreme entertainment.

According to Preacher Loff, dizziness from illness can predict a long-lasting course of the disease if you are ill. This can be a sign of transition from acute to chronic form of the disease.

If you are healthy in reality, feeling dizzy because you got sick in a dream is a symbol of trouble in various fields, and in such cases in which nothing predicted problems.

If you felt dizzy out of a sudden, as the Gypsy dream interpreter explains, such a dream symbolizes sudden complications with money. Try to be more saving.

But to see that you felt dizzy getting up abruptly or jumping to your feet is a sign of an unexpected event with a positive ending.

Sergii Haranenko

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