Fog Dream Meaning

Usually dreambooks interpret this symbol as a notice of the confusion of circumstances, the vagueness of the future. It is important where was the fog seen in a dream: on the road, cemetery, in another place; and which it was - thick, white, of a different color. The meaning of the dream differs accordingly.

To see fog far away, in the mountains, over the field, above the sea means the approach of serious complications, although the dreamer doesn’t notice them yet. It is necessary to be careful at work, to carry out plans in time, not postponing the tasks.

If you got lost in a forest, on a road among fog, this means you can not take any decisions relating to your intuition now. You should also avoid issues about which you have a vague idea.

Sometimes the interpretation of dreams of fog warns of big troubles in the business field that can cause serious damage. If you saw mist behind the window, your plans will not come true. Your plans are pretty vague, that is why you will not get good result.

Wading through a white mist in a dream means the dreamer intends to solve his problems. He will succeed if he shows determination.

The dream about cemetery, covered with fog, according to the dreambook, means loneliness, depression. We must try to find a way out of this state.

Seeing the outlines of houses, buildings through thick fog in the city means that the dreamer will find the way out of a difficult situation.

To be covered with thick mist and wander aimlessly in it means that the dreamer is not aware about something important, but receives only hints. When a person was afraid in a dream, this means he is deceived deliberately.

The dream study of Tsvetkov interprets such image like this: a person is will have some uncertainty soon, or he will show indecision somewhere.

Flying through a dense foggy haze means that the efforts made will not change the situation. You will need patience.

Fog in the apartment seen in a dream warns aboutquarrels and conflicts in the family.

Seeing snow through the fog is a symbol of coming deceit. A bridge seen through the mist shows the need to beware of deceit of friends and false admirers.

Black fog predict serious danger. Red mist is a sign of anxiety, concern about the prevailing circumstances. Ask for help from your friends.

If you saw a dream about an owl flying in the fog, you are under serious danger and only by a miracle can you avoid it.

A foggy evening in a graveyard in a dream foreshadows broken love. Do not get into despair, time heals wounds, you will find your soulmate.

If the fog that covered you cleared, this means your problems will end soon. Seeing other people in the middle of the mist means you will gain profit due to someone’s problems.

Fog above the water predicts pleasant meetings and dreamy mood. A dream about mist above a lake or river predicts welfare and prosperity. Fog getting up predicts happy and joyful events.

If the mist cleared and sun appeared, this image brings positive changes.

If a young woman sees an unknown man approaching her on a foggy evening and she sees his face, she will meet with a new admirer, their relationship will be romantic, filled with passion. Perhaps they will lead to family life.

Sergii Haranenko
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