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Interpretation of a dream about being strangled by a deadman

If the deceased person was strangling you, Vanga’s dreambook recommends not to panic. Most likely, the providence tells you that you have chosen the wrong path, from which you will have to go away immediately. To answer the question, what dream of choking means, you should carefully understand the details of what you saw.

The psychologists remind about preventive measures to improve your health if you were strangled by a deadman in a dream. In addition, the dreamer can be expecting changes in his personal life, not necessarily for the worse.

    Miller gives brief interpretation of the plot:
  • the deceased squeezes your throat with his hands - bad news;
  • uses a noose - someone “blocks your oxygen” in business;
  • pulls the tie, chain, scarf - feeling of guilt;
  • the deadman presses on your chest - inflammation, colds;
  • leaning over with his whole body - more severe diseases;
  • sometimes lets you go - warns of impending danger.

According to Nostradamus, in this case, the deceased person represents the past that burdens you. It is important to consider your relations with the deceased.

If it was your spouse, in such a case, mental forgiveness will help get rid of the burden of pressure. In order to avoid troubles in personal life, deterioration of the situation in society, it is enough to recognize other people’s right of mistakes.

If it was a relative or someone close to you strangling you, this is a warning of danger, dishonest transaction. Most often, this is a sign that you can become a victim of cunning partners, competitors, get into a rather difficult situation.

If an unknown dead person is strangling you in a dream, it means that your secret thoughts and secrets will become known to someone. Try not to open plans even to trusted people until you are sure of your victory.

If you were in panic and crying in a dream, this is a sign that you have tough relations with people around you, you often have quarrels and scandals because of misunderstandings.

If this dream caused the feeling of burden, it means your seasonal diseases will worsen, there will be malfunctions in the work of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems.

Almost all dreams of the dead people indicate that old, unnecessary projects, unions are coming to an end. Emptiness, detachment indicate that you are finally freed from previous commitments and fetters.