Suffocating Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of asphyxiating in a dream? The dream book offers several interpretations of why one dreams of suffocating. The struggle for air in a dream can be caused by the fear of losing the most precious thing. What exactly depends on the individual value system. Often, interpretations relate to health, livelihood, loved ones, the meaning of life. The dramatic plot encourages you to fight for your happiness.

In Miller's dream book, the explanation of why one dreams of lack of air depends on the fate of the sleeping person. If the poor fellow dies in a dream, in reality, attention should be paid to the safety of property, including real estate. Successful salvation means that dedication, excellent well-being and the sympathy of those around you will significantly improve your financial situation.

Dream Interpretation by Shereminskaya will tell you why you dream of suffocating under water. Seeing this happens to overly practical people who sometimes lack emotion and spontaneity.

If you dreamed that you were suffocating under water, in the Gypsy dream book the symbol means the risk of tarnishing your reputation. Italian psychoanalyst A. Roberti doubts the dreamer's ability to overcome everyday adversity.

The Emperor's interpreter believes that a person happens to see himself under water for physiological reasons. Those who, in fact, have incorrect water balance in the body, suffocate in the water.

A smoky room in which it is difficult to breathe often indicates an unfavorable and even destructive environment in reality. In the explanations of why one dreams of suffocating from smoke, the most likely factors are listed.

Khamidova's dream book identifies the smoke curtain in a dream with a risky amorous adventure. An outbreak of romantic feelings for the sworn enemy is not excluded. Panic in a dream suggests that a sudden romance will cause suffering.

Sometimes the dreamer unconsciously feels why he dreamed of suffocating from smoke. Thinking that your own weaknesses can lead to trouble are frightening, but you don't have the strength to pull yourself together. The support of loved ones will be very useful.

If you dreamed of how a smoke screen from fire prevents you from seeing, the medium Hasse promises that the changes will dispel the illusion of the dreamer.

    In a dream, it is not always possible to see for what reason it was difficult to breathe. Dream Interpretations offer universal interpretations, why the very fact of suffocation appears in dreams.
  • Feeling the fear of lack of air happens when someone yearns for you;
  • When it is difficult to breathe in a dream, in reality something interferes with expressing your thoughts and feelings openly;
  • Someone else's hands or a garrote on the neck symbolizes psychological pressure;
  • If you had to suffer from a lack of air on the run, beware of a strong opponent;
  • Excessive work causes a feeling of hopelessness, you "choke" from work;
  • If you dreamed of choking, this means you tend to be depressed in reality.

If you dreamed that there was no air to breathe in the room because of the gas, the Wanderer's dream book believes that the dreamer is tired of arranging his fate with a constant thinking about the opinion of his acquaintances.

To experience discomfort, suffocating from gas and its unpleasant odor, is brought to those who are unfair or overly demanding of a loved one in reality.

Often the plot is caused by a lack of financial resources, regret that there is no opportunity to purchase an expensive item.

If you dreamed of suffocating and dying, the dream book considers it a serious warning. The interpretation of a dream indicates latent initial symptoms of the disease or a really dangerous situation that the sleeper is unaware of.

One has to suffocate and die in a dream shortly before an unpleasant event or shocking news. If you are so scared of what is happening in your dream that you cannot scream and move, it is possible that you have been magically affected.

Shortness of breath in a dream caused by smoking can be a symbol of frivolous act.

    The dreambooks give short explanations of the plot depending on where you happened to suffocate in a dream:
  • in the bathhouse - a long business trip;
  • in the pool - a conflict in the team over a young colleague;
  • in the shower - moving to a neighboring city;
  • in the soil - higher wages;
  • in space - a reprimand from the boss;
  • in the elevator - career growth;
  • in the sea - betrayal of a friend;
  • under water - participating in a dubious project;
  • under the blanket - the development of a new profession.
    Depending on what caused asphyxiation in a dream:
  • from allergies - quarrel with family members;
  • from a lump in the throat - an acquaintance with an influential person;
  • from the wind - creative success;
  • from lack of air - intimacy with a former partner;
  • from gas - a child's illness;
  • from smoke - signing a profitable contract;
  • from an unpleasant smell - a serious conversation with father;
  • from tears - getting inheritance;
  • from fear - problems due to your responsiveness.
    Depending on who is also suffocating in a dream:
  • grandfather - a trip to the country;
  • daughter - a party with friends;
  • husband - changing the field of activity;
  • dad - a meeting with a former classmate;
  • the deceased person - strengthening of your authority in the team;
  • son - financial problems;
  • mom - an unpleasant surprise;
  • newborn boy - participating in the trial.

Suffocating, choking on blood, is a dream speaking of serious health problems. Choking on saliva – is a sign of envy.

Choking on an alcoholic drink and starting to suffocate - predicts deterioration in social status.

Choking with laughter in a dream is a symbol of victory over the ill-wisher.

According to the Newest dreambook, seeing that you have asthma - is a sign of diseases of the throat, bronchi. If someone else is tormented by suffocation of asthma - your actions will lead to a dead end.

With asthma a person suffocates because he does not get enough oxygen: it can symbolize suppressed grief. It can also mean that you feel like someone is choking you with such force that you begin to suffocate. Dreaming of asthma can be a sign of stress and loss of contact with life. Relax, meditate and breathe deeply.

Sergii Haranenko
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