Bell Dream Meaning

A bell is a significant symbol that can be seen on the eve of an important event. Miller’s dreambook considers that hearing a lonely bell ring is a bad sign especially if you saw a church nearby, there can be sad events in your family.

A holiday ringing of many bells is a symbol that you will overcome the hardship soon. Christmas bells are a very favorable sign for businessmen and farmers, they can expect great success and good crops. If young people hear a pleasant melodic ringing of the bells this can promise successful marriage.

As well as in real life so in night plots bell ringing are usually a warning. The general meaning depends on the quality of the sounds and feelings they evoke. Sad church bells mean bad news, happy ringing promises triumph. If your dream contained a loud and very alarming bell ring you should take care of your house security - this dream may warn you about fire, flood or robbery.

Not hearing the bell but just seeing it means you will get power and prominence you never had. If the bells were gold it means you will not be ready for this fame. A big beautiful bell in your dream is a powerful and positive sign - businessmen will have high profits, people in love will be happy, men will be honored and rich, women will have their wishes come true. To ring the bell means you will have a quarrel at home. But the same dream is very successful for sailors, it means they will come home safe.

What does it mean when you dream of chime of bells? This is a symbol of joy and appeasement.

Sergii Haranenko
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