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Praying Dream Meaning

If you happened to pray in a dream, experiencing some worries, the dreambooks give such plot a sacred meaning.

The dream books give different interpretations about dreams of pray to God, and in many respects, the choice of the correct interpretation depends on the personality of the dreamer himself.

If you are a farmer, for example, addressing to God in a dream can predict good harvest and high profit from your work.

If not everything is right in your life at the moment and you saw a dream about praying, Vanga’s dreambook considers this plot a symbol of changes for the better soon.

Praying in a dream is a sign of good intentions according to Islamic dreambook. The incredible heights that you will reach in the near future will be gained in a righteous way. In pursuing your goal you will not harm anyone; you will only do good deeds that bring good and joy into the hearts of others.

Praying in a dream because of fear is the personification of the fact that you are not striving to achieve something more in life until you are helped in this. According to the interpretation of the dreambooks, only a serious "kick" from the outside will help you achieve success.

If you had to pray before dying in a dream, the dreambooks state that you feel a great deal of guilt for the wrong actions. You need to confess, or just admit your guilt, and then your heart will become much easier.

If your call for higher powers was so emotional in a dream that you cried while praying, this means you are very much afraid to ask help from your friends. If you see such dream too often, then you should reconsider your life position and understand that you simply cannot cope without someone else’s support.

Praying in a church will have negative meaning only of you were bowing in a dream. In the worst case, this can be a warning about death of someone close to you, at best, you will become a victim of thieves, lose a lot of money.

If you prayed in a church or temple without making bows, the dreambooks interpret this as a positive symbol. You will gain another understanding of life circumstances and it will become much easier for you to more to your goal.

Crossing yourself and praying is a sign that not everything is clean in your soul, as you show. In the past, you have done some bad deed.

If you were praying in front of the icon in a dream, this means that fate will put you in front of a difficult choice, and in order to make the right decision you will need to show willpower and be sure to use your intuition.

If a pregnant woman was saying prayers to any female saint in a dream, this is a good sign that the labor will go smoothly and the baby will be healthy.

Praying on your knees in a dream mentioning a male saint is a sign that you will need to get rid of bad habits.

Sergii Haranenko

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