Holiday Dream Meaning

Dreams about holidays mostly have positive interpretations predicting family happiness, fulfilling of plans and luck. Sometimes a holiday can represent conflicts in the team, dissatisfaction with your work or scandals.

    In order to get the correct interpretation we should take into consideration what kind of holiday it was:
  • A family holiday among relatives – a quarrel between relatives;
  • A children’s holiday – worries about nothing;
  • A banquet at your place – favors from your friends, joy and welfare;
  • A joyful party – a symbol of good life changes;
  • A masquerade – frivolous hobbies or empty promises will confuse you;
  • Someone else’s holidays – you should be ready for financial problems.

A joyful, lively preparation for the holiday seen in a dream predicts a sudden receiving big sum of money. Holiday preparations can also mean meeting with old friends, having a good time.

If you were arranging a holiday in a dream, the dreambooks recommend being braver applying your skills. Maybe you will have to learn something new, but the result will bring you joy.

A school prom seen in a dream predicts something positive in the dreamer’s life. If you were going to take part in a holiday, you can be expecting some joyful events. Gathering for a holiday together with your friend predicts some entertainment that can even be profitable. This is also a sign of a happy marriage.

A holiday at home with a lot of relatives and friends present is a symbol that you have reliable friend who will never betray you.

A dream about a Christian church holiday predicts big joy that the dreamer will not notice at once because of the life rhythm and routine.

Easter seen in a dream predicts both health curing and mental renewal. A religious holiday in a dream, when a lot of people go out of the church in a procession, and you also participate predicts an unexpected, surprising turn of events.

A big holiday with a lot people means you will keep good relations with your friends, in spite of intrigues of ill-wishers. A street holiday predicts a happy marriage with a beloved man. Seeing fireworks in a dream is the harbinger of pleasure and good health.

To take part in noisy festivities, where there were disorders on the street - dissatisfaction with the results of your work.

A corporate holiday at work seen in a dream means: there will be a quarrel, conflicts in the team. A received invitation to a holiday is interpreted negatively – the dreamer can find himself in the center of some scandal.

If you saw someone who already died on a holiday, this is a warning about obstacles in pretty simple issues.

Having a birthday party is a symbol of getting some news or wish fulfillment.

Being present at the carnival predicts love adventures or a great vacation with your beloved person. Dancing represents enjoying each other’s company.

Women’s’ day celebration in your dream predicts pleasant surprises for women. Celebration of a state holiday - you can express yourself in public activities or politics.

New Year or Christmas celebration predicts joy and success. However, the New Year's masquerade with costumes warns: the dreamer’s opinion about others is wrong.

To sleep, when everyone around is celebrating, having fun - in reality you are very tired, even pleasure does not bring joy; you need a long rest.

Leaving before the end of the holiday – some new obstacles will force you to change plans.
Sergii Haranenko
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