Siren Dream Meaning

What it means if you heard siren in your dream? Any sharp sound signal or bright light signal in a dream symbolizes some kind of warning, the dream book suggests. A siren in night vision can predict both unexpected turns of fate, which will entail grief and disappointment, and pleasant surprises that bring happiness and success. Remember your dream in more detail, and you will understand why such situations are seen.

A plot in which you dreamed about the siren of a ship or cruise liner is a very good sign. Such a plot hints that unforgettable adventures and active rest await you, the Wanderer's dream book assures.

Do you see yourself in a cargo port, where you watch the unloading or loading of a sea vessel, while hearing the sound of its typhon? This dream means that you will have a good time with colleagues or people who will help you rise in business.

An Oriental interpreter, explaining why one is dreaming about siren about accident in the production or a large-scale accident in the city, predicts: such a picture predicts loud scandals and unpleasant resonant events.

Think about where you heard the siren sounds in your dream. If you heard the siren at home, this means disagreements will happen in the family. Were you at your workplace during the siren blaring? Try to avoid conflicts, both with co-workers and with the management.

Did the alarm in your dream catch you in a park or in another public place? This dream means you should be discreet with strangers, the oracle advises.

The Family dream book, having its own view of what the siren means in dreams, suggests remembering whether it was emergency or training one.

The training siren hints at the presence of unreasonable fears and complexes in the dreamer. You are being gnawed with anxious expectation of some events, which, in general, should not cause concern.

But the emergency siren warning either about building explosions of buildings, or about military bombing, should make you alert - there is danger ahead!

If you heard a siren howl, and even in addition with a bell alarm in a dream, this means you cannot avoid gossip and dirty rumors, Pastor Loff's dream book distresses, explaining why such a "duet" appears in a dream.

Try not to discuss anyone in the near future and do not give a reason to slander yourself. This will save you from the intrigues of spiteful critics who want to discredit you and your reputation.

A plot in which you dreamed of a soundless lighthouse siren is considered to be a good sign. According to the Modern Dream Book, this means that a favorable period for the implementation of your plans and ideas is coming.

Nothing will distract you from business, you will be able to concentrate on the main thing and bring your plan to perfection, the interpreter assures. The main thing is to do everything without fuss and haste.

Miller's dream book is in solidarity with the previous interpreter. You will soon be able to achieve high performance if you are determined to win. But there is a possibility that you will use someone's help or hint.

    Deciphering what the siren prophesies in a dream, remember if it was not a light and sound beacon of emergency transport. For example, here's what car sirens promise:
  • fire engine – you should learn to "extinguish" emotions - this will help you avoid problems;
  • a police car – do not pursue fame, it will come by itself;
  • ambulances – never turn away from the person asking;
  • cash-in-transit van – be careful with money, especially with other people’s funds.
Sergii Haranenko
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