Blowing Out The Candles Dream Meaning

A dream about blowing the candles promises a wish coming true. Besides that, this dream may mean receiving bad news about someone close to you.

What are the Top-5 bad dreams about blowing out a candle?

  • Blowing out candles at home warns of a period of bad luck.
  • Blowing the candles in the church - means an accident.
  • Candle blown out on the street - means gossip.
  • Blowing out a candle and dropping it - a nervous breakdown.
  • Blowing a candle out and throwing it away - big troubles in your personal life.

What are the Top-5 good dreams about candle blown out?

  • Blowing out red candles is a sign of popularity with the opposite sex.
  • Blowing out a white candle means being lucky.
  • Black candle blown out - a pleasant surprise.
  • Blowing out the candles on the cake - improving relations with relatives.
  • Blowing out candles in your hands - good news.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream promises intrigue from colleagues.

    Additional dream meanings by Miller:
  • blowing out white candles mean a way out of a difficult situation;
  • blowing out green candles - the invitation to the holiday;
  • blowing out pink candles - a romantic date.

According to Freud's dream book, blowing out candles in a dream warns of the disclosure of the dreamer's secrets.

    Additional meanings by Freud:
  • blowing out candles near the icon - disappointment;
  • blowing out candle on the grave - rash spending.
  • seeing how you blow out thin candles - a conflict with family members;
  • blowing out thick candle - worries about the health of a loved one.
    According to Vanga's dream book:
  • blowing out one candle in dream speaks of demotion;
  • blowing out two candles - trouble;
  • blowing out three candles - household chores;
  • blowing out a few candles - the implementation of the plan.
  • blow out aromatic candles - longevity;
  • blowing out wedding candles - an unpleasant meeting.
Sergii Haranenko
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