Wax Dream Meaning

What it means if you see wax in your dream? Wax in a dream is a forerunner of parting, a difficult situation, possible losses, family strife. It also promises a dreamer a reliable relationship, mutual understanding, conjugal happiness. You can learn the details in various dream books.

Did you have a dream of wax dripping from a candle? There will be an inevitable parting in reality with a loved one.

Also, such a dream may mean that a very difficult situation is ahead, but everything will change quickly, improvements will come. Maybe the circumstances will take the form that you need.

Sometimes wax dripping from a candle in a dream indicates the presence of hidden passionate emotions. But you need to remember: you will not be able to hide them constantly, someday they will break out.

    It is important to recall what color the dream wax was:
  • yellow wax - they will deceive you;
  • white wax - good health for the next couple of months;
  • red wax - secret passion;
  • blue wax - inner harmony;
  • black wax - means a serious illness.

Did you pour melted wax in a dream? Loff's Dream Interpretation reports: you will get the money soon. But also the dream of melted wax warns of impending losses. Risky money transactions should be avoided.

In general, to see wax in a dream means: your character is too soft; you are easily amenable to extraneous influence. Often follow the lover’s (beloved one’s) opinion and constantly yield. Such behavior can soon bore the person and you risk losing interest of your partner.

Did you happen to look at the hardened wax drops? This means you will soon find a reliable, serious relationship. It can be a strong friendship or marriage.

Fortune-telling on wax in a dream portends the fulfillment of a cherished desire. For a girl such a dream portends the acquisition of happiness in marriage.

Did you have a dream about waxing something? This is a symbolic plot. You need to use something to improve your life. Think about what can play the role of wax for “guiding gloss” in some sphere in reality.

To see wax figures in a dream means: you will have to communicate with boring people. Molding them yourself – means your loved ones will make fun of you.

If you happened to melt wax in a dream, Medea's dream book warns: the dreamer is in great trouble in his family life.

    The interpretation of a dream takes into account what you happened to do with wax:
  • buying wax – you will avoid confusion in business;
  • selling it – means losses;
  • sculpting figures – you will suffer from gossip;
  • waxing something – life changes for the better;
  • kneading it with hands – your spouse will be easygoing;
  • to melt wax – a serious illness ahead;
  • rinse wax off your hair – a lot of hard work lies ahead, but your efforts will be appreciated;
  • getting wax out of your mouth – you will begin to analyze your feelings and relationships with others.

If there were wax candles burning with clear, clean flame, Miller predicts mutual understanding and happiness.

Seeing wax candles in a dream portends: there will be a nice talk to an elderly relative soon.

Did you happen to light candles in a dream? You will take part in some ceremony soon.

If you saw burning candles in a temple in a dream, you will have a spiritual rebirth or sacrifice for the sake of others.

According to the Newest dreambook, dreaming about paraffin is a sign of surgical disease.

Sergii Haranenko
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