Grave Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you saw a grave in a dream? According to well-known and respected dream books, the grave represents a transition to a new stage in life. But people continue to be concerned about the question of why they see a creepy image and related actions. If you happened to dig a hole for the last refuge of the deceased, or just visit the deceased - each story has a special meaning.

Should one be afraid if he dreams about a graveyard? You should not directly associate a dream about grave with death - on the contrary, sometimes this image means the exact opposite: the beginning of the path in a different direction, the denial of old views, the desire for change. Do not be afraid of disease - the meaning of a dream lies in other things.

Why do you dream of an unknown, ownerless grave that arose on your way? A signal has been sent to you: you should stop and think about your priorities, decide on a goal.

    In a dream, do you visit an actually living relative’s grave? There is a danger of not finding common language with the subject under discussion; there may be resentment in your heart for a long time. This is how the dream books explain the grave of your:
  • daughter, son - empty chores;
  • grandmother, grandfather - regrets about the past;
  • mother’s, father’s grave - a big celebration;
  • brother, sister - quarrel with a friend.

According to Enigma's dream book, visiting a memorial in a dream and laying flowers is a good sign. This means that you are on the verge of an amusing adventure and no longer blame yourself for long-standing misconduct. To see offerings on the monument - bouquets, toys means getting acquainted with an influential person who will give you recommendations.

What does the dream book think of an old, rickety tombstone with unclear epitaphs? The dreamer may not worry about his health and the alleged death – fate will give him a long, happy life.

If the inscription on the grave contains your first and last name – this means you make a vivid impression, therefore, forgetting you is not easy. To have a complete picture of the future, you should remember what exactly happened in a dream.

Have you randomly walked around the graveyard in a dream? Dream interpretation considers this a sign of confusion, depression. You are at a crossroads, the situation is complicated by disorderly advice received from others. You should listen to the inner voice, ignore the opinions of society.

Finding a thing or a food among the graves – is a sign of hypocritical friends. While you are in contact with these persons do not wait for order in business.

Why do you dream of being engaged in vandalism and opening someone else’s grave? The dreamer lacks thrills, emotions, expression - everything is monotonous and cloying. To dig out a recently deceased acquaintance in a dream means toiling with guilt. And to carry out archaeological excavations for scientific purposes – is a symbol of amazing news heard from others.

The dream interpretation draws attention: if you furiously stomp the dead man's haven in a dream – it is an omen of big scandal in which you will play the role of an attacker.

The dream books predict: digging a grave for the deceased – means to delay the solution of your current problems. You will be overtaken by troubles far more global than today’s.

Shoveling the ground in order to bury a living person means paying for the aggressive behavior. A deep, bottomless grave abyss seen in a dream delays the wish coming true for later. Be patient, do not give up.

Miller's dream book advises its readers not to panic; the dream plot is very favorable if you want to start all over from scratch. It is not so important how many burial sites you have happened to see: one, two or several. The main condition is that they are ennobled and clean – in this case all previously failed projects will gain a second wind.

An ancient, neglected grave overgrown with plants indicates infantility and frivolity. Falling into such a grave threatens with losing the trust of your loved ones. Parting words from Miller: you should reconsider your positions and identify the missing link for success.

What is the meaning of a grave found in a strange place: in a forest or near your home? You are seized by loneliness and see the reason for this in the intrigues of enemies.

Digging out a grave in a dream may well be seen as a hint of speedy enrichment. But it is important not to destroy the structure, but to carefully dig up the remains. If the monument is cracked, collapsed - there is a close chance of falling into debt, not having time to smell the taste of wasting money.

Excavation of a grandfather or other blood relative who passed away many years ago in a dream portends a sharp financial take-off. You can be proud of your resourcefulness and commercial vein, but you should thank your ancestors for their good heredity.

According to the Islamic dream book, to disturb the peace of the deceased in a dream – means committing a grave sin in reality. The grave is empty - there will come a devastation in your soul as well, there will be decline in energy.

Dream Interpretations are sure: identification of the deceased is able to make the analysis of a dream expanded and more accurate. If you dreamed of a grave without identifying signs – this means that the future depends only on the sleeping person. To see the image of a friend on a grave – means spending time together drinking alcohol.

A photograph of a terrifying old woman on the gravestone notifies of litigation, the spouses may start a dialogue about divorce. According to the prophetess Vanga, an ugly person on the tombstone tells the dormant that costly and nervous proceedings are coming.

    Why do you dream of finding a photo on the gravestone?
  • color photo - composure;
  • black and white photograph - aggravation of feelings, intensity;
  • group photo - condemnation, censure;
  • selfie - prejudgement, injustice.

What message holds the children's burial in a dream? To stand at the grave of a child means to mourn your unfulfilled dreams, to feel envy for the success of other people. For a mother to attend her own offspring’s grave is a bright symbol, despite the gloomy associations. The interpretation is that a woman gave her child an excellent upbringing and admires his talents.

According to the Muslim interpretation, the baby’s grave is a symbol of cleansing from criminal thoughts, unity with the world, harmony. Perhaps you will join the religion, begin to study spiritual practices, go on a diet, engage in an interesting sport. You have many chances to embellish everyday life - use them!

Why do you dream of walking on the ground in which the dead rest? This means tearing strong bonds, parting, rejecting the outstretched helping hand.

Large-scale burial promises sadness, suffering, longing according to the dream books. The whole memorial speaks of the impossibility of returning what your heart is reaching for. Reading a long list of people lying in damp ground – is a sign of rushing around, often changing your point of view. If you walk on the graves of those who died during military actions – you will learn the sad news in reality.

If you dreamed about how you were moving to the grave of a famous healer or magician in the company of a crowd - do not succumb to outside influences, defend your own interests. Bringing sacrifice to the deceased in a dream – is a sign of protracted struggle with the enemy. To kiss bones, a skeleton – means to be cruelly deceived, to misunderstand something.

Why does the dead man’s skull appear in a dream? This means you are led by a wise and sensitive person, no matter what happens - trust this person and get advice from him.

It is a good sign if you repented on the grave of the enemy in a dream, forgot the enmity – the dream books describe such a plot as the release from the load of misunderstandings.

What does it mean to be buried in a dream? To see the burial of your own body from the side – means not to feel confident, considering yourself worse than others. If the hole is ridiculously small for you – someone cunning strengthens these destructive thoughts in you.

To lie voluntarily at the bottom of a freshly dug grave and to bury oneself in a dream is explained by dream books as an attempt to evade fulfillment of obligations, to disappear, to close oneself from obligations.

Digging yourself out in order to get out of the grave – means you will come to ask for forgiveness and will confess your guilt. Dream Interpretations are sure: apologies need to be said out loud. If you can’t get out of the grave – you will touch what you shouldn’t have touched, you will be caught in it. Sitting at your own grave in a dream means to revive traditions.

Sergii Haranenko
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