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What does it mean if a person dreams about an icon? The icon is not a simple image of a person’s face, but a symbol of faith and suffering. Deciphering what the icon symbolizes in dreams, the dream book assures: such a dream predicts changes in life, a change of ideals. To get more accurate interpretations, you should remember as much as possible all that you saw in a dream.

What does the dream of Our Lady in a gilded casing mean? Now is a good time to try something new, because higher powers favor and protect you. If you were kneeling in front of this icon in a dream, this means you will get an offer that will improve your financial situation.

To see how you cross yourself in front of the image of a saint is a symbol of repentance. You are depressed by the thought that you have committed a bad deed. Repent to those whom you have offended and it will become easier.

But the interpretation of a dream, in which you watch a large mural depicting a six-winged seraph, is a signal that you will have an influential patron who will help you in everything.

In most cases, we see icons in a church, in a monastery, or in another “house of God." If in a dream you saw yourself shedding tears in a temple with a large number of triptychs in gold casings, in which reflections of burning candles tremble, this means that you need comfort, reassurance, support. Probably your current period is not the easiest.

Did you have an icon in your house? Miller's dream book assures: this is a sign of peace and tranquility at your place.

But if you notice a cobweb on the icon, and the room is dusty and dirty, then such a dream tells you: evil has visited your place. Perhaps you often argue with the households, do not forgive each other's insults, take revenge.

If a woman receives an image of the Virgin Mary with a baby as a gift – this is a symbol of the well-being and health of her children.

To see the icon in the middle of the roadway is a signal that you should be careful on the way. Did you happen to throw out the icon of a saint in a landfill in a dream? This means that you should pay attention to your own attitude to life - you live fast.

Did you have a dream that you picked up “God's image” on the street and brought it home? This is a signal that an event will “turn” your life. You will become calmer and more tolerant; you will have a change of templates and a reassessment of values.

Checking the prices for icons in the store with religious attributes means you are not quite sure about the rightness of your decisions.

Buying an icon with the image of the Virgin Mary, which you had to look for at church shops in order to give it to someone, is a sign that you want to establish relations with this person. To buy it for yourself means to purify the soul of insults.

The vision in which you admire the triptych in the museum means your desire to cleanse the world from filth. You are such a peaceful person that you are upset not only by your own conflicts, but also by the quarrels of others.

What it means if the icon became alive in your dream? The dream in which the ancient icon comes to life is quite significant. According to many dream books, such a plot hints that in the near future you will have the gift of foresight.

If the face of a saint depicted on a canvas smiles and starts talking, you can rest assured that you will find a way out of any situation, even the most difficult one. But if the icon “cries” with bloody tears, this means you should listen to your intuition as never before - it will save you from trouble, says the dream book of Nostradamus.

    An icon has a very good meaning, the look of which is pleasing to the eye. Clean beautiful icon - is a symbol of peace and goodness. But, interpreting why it appears to be broken, falling to the floor or is torn, the dream books upset - do not expect good. So if the icon:
  • fell and crashed – you will make the wrong decision;
  • burned out – you need to learn to control outbursts of anger;
  • icon drowned – changes will affect not only you;
  • icon faded in the sun – do not be too gullible;
  • if it shed – it's time to decide on your desires.

If you dreamed of an icon that fell, this is a warning of making a serious mistake. Besides that, this image predicts the need to help your relatives financially.

    What are the Top-5 negative icon dream meanings?
  • Seeing in a dream how an old icon fell is a sign of sad memory.
  • Large icon that has fallen - means vain insults against your loved ones.
  • If you dream that the icon falls at home, this means a family conflict.
  • Icon falling in the church - searching a way out of a situation.
  • Icon falling in the car - bankruptcy of the business.
    What are the Top-5 possible positive dreams about icons?
  • If you dream that an Orthodox icon has fallen, this may symbolize a joyful event.
  • Catholic icon falling - getting rid of the ill-wisher.
  • Seeing that the icon has fallen and split - may symbolize creative success.
  • Icon fallen and cracked - care from family members.
  • Icon has fallen and remained whole - means prosperity and well-being.
Sergii Haranenko
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