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Broken Phone Dream Meaning

In the nightmares of a modern person one sometimes happens to see all sorts of incidents. Unfortunately, today it is impossible to ask the great interpreters of the past why one dreams of breaking the phone. Nevertheless, based on their works, the dream book can draw certain conclusions for our realities.

In Miller's dream book telephone communication personifies misunderstanding and deliberate deception. At the same time, its low quality or complete absence foreshadows difficulties in communication in reality. They can manifest itself as cooling of feelings between lovers or an open hostility of others if you dreamed of breaking the phone.

Panic often appears in explanations of what a broken mobile phone means in dreams. The availability and reliability of communication affects social status, therefore, concern about its quality is quite natural. The main thing is not to let your fears grow to truly frightening proportions.

This is not the only explanation for the dream of a broken smartphone. The dream book reminds that these devices store not only contacts, but also other significant information. The dreamer is afraid of being disoriented, suddenly losing it.

There is also a positive interpretation of a dream in which you saw a broken phone shell. If in a dream you managed to break an old phone that does not correspond to your image for a long time, the dream book believes that it is time to grow and change something in reality.

  • Full-screen cracks on the phone warn of the tactlessness of your loved ones;
  • A screen on which you cannot see pictures and letters indicates lack of mutual understanding;
  • Cracked glass means broken hopes;
  • If you happened to see glass in cracks - you risk missing something important;
  • If you had to see a cracked screen in a dream, beware of quarrels through your fault.

If you dreamed of a not functioning mobile phone, the dream book does not exclude the possibility that the dreamer will arrange a problem for himself with his own hands. In the near future you should try to think ahead and avoid annoying mistakes.

When you managed to break an expensive and prestigious phone, which is not only functional, but also serves as a part of the image, this means in the dream book that the sleeper's reputation threatens to be shaken.

When you dreamed of breaking your phone, it is worth revising the value system and put it in order. It happens that a damaged cell phone indicates that its owner attaches too much importance to external factors.

When Miller's dream book was compiled, it was difficult even to imagine a mobile gadget. Nevertheless, it contains many explanations of why faulty telephone connection is seen in a dream. This is often a harbinger of misunderstandings and communication problems.

If a person in love dreamed of this, this means his feelings will not meet with a response. For a woman, the plot in a dream promises ridicule and gossip about her. Seeing a broken phone happens shortly before meeting with a rogue who intents on misleading you.

When you dreamed that the work process was stopped due to a broken phone at the wrong time, problems may arise in the business sphere.

To see that contacts and valuable information are irretrievably lost, happens to those who, in fact, are not sufficiently aware of an important issue.

If you dreamed that a mobile gadget fell out of your hands during a conversation, in reality, a conflict with the interlocutor is possible.

If a prestigious iPhone of the latest model appeared in a dream, which the dreamer is not averse to purchasing in reality, this means schemers and gossips can tarnish his reputation.

When you have to see a really existing beloved smartphone in such a deplorable state, the dream book foreshadows sad news.

Sergii Haranenko

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