Phone Call Dream Meaning

If you heard the phone ringing in your dream, this may be a sign that you are lacking live communication in real life.

According to Miller, a phone call in a dream means you will soon meet a person who will prevent you from fulfilling your plans.

If you answered the phone, but the conversation is not going well because the connection breaks up all the time, this plot may indicate some kind of discontinuous relations with the person you care about.

    It is important to consider who made the phone call in your dream:
  • your parents called in a dream - listen to the advice of wise people;
  • a call from an unknown subscriber promises communication difficulties;
  • seeing phone number of the police on the screen predicts some worries;
  • call from a friend - do not refuse from help of an experienced colleague;
  • to see that your beloved called you - a quarrel with him in reality.

According to the Modern dreambook, a missed phone call can indicate misunderstandings with some person because of different views on some issue.

A dream about missing a phone call may symbolize lack of communication. Besides that, such a dream may predict a conflict at home or at work. A missed call on the phone may predict worries for your family.

A missed phone call from your beloved is a warning about possible breaking-up. If, on the contrary, there is absolutely no news from your beloved, this may symbolize isolation and unwillingness to let anyone, even loved ones, into your personal space.

Dream of a missed call from your parents may speak of receiving wise advice. If you missed your friend's phone call, this means help on his part.

Hearing a phone-call and seeing that it is from your boyfriend, means that you should try not telling people about your relations: your friends’ envy can ruin your couple, the Eastern dreambook advises.

Hearing a phone call but not finding the telephone in a dream is a sign that you have a rival who is luring the attention of your beloved to yourself. Taking the phone call from your boyfriend predicts quarrels because of your own ambitions, according to the Family dreambook.

If you are already tired from phone calls from your ex-boyfriend, such plot means that you have every chance for achieving the dreams that you have already stopped thinking about; they will come true soon.

If you didn’t care at all about phone calls from your ex, you will be able to draw the right conclusions from the unpleasant situation in which you got, and not get into it again.

And if the calls from ex-boyfriend even flatter you in a dream, it means that you will succeed where others are afraid to even try their strength.

A phone call from an unknown person is a warning that you can break relations with your friend in the heat of anger. And if you answered the call from a stranger, you will have difficulty communicating with someone from your friends.

Seeing a phone call from a man who is deceased in reality, such plot should not scare you away. It predicts renewal of old connections.

Seeing text messages from a man who died in your dream, but not in reality, you should get ready for gaining secret knowledge, Preacher Loff promises.

If you had a chance to talk on the phone in a dream, this is a sign that you have a reclusive lifestyle and do not have the opportunity to enjoy simple human communication. If you want to know what to expect from the future, remember who you were talking to, what you were talking about and in what tone, the dream books suggest. Knowing this, you can easily get an answer to what a telephone conversation is about.

The vision in which you talk on the phone means getting to know someone who will become an unwitting obstacle to the fulfillment of your plans.

A dream in which a girl sees herself chatting on a cell phone means unpleasant conversations and gossip.

    Remember who you talked to on the phone in a dream.
  • phone conversations with parents - a wise person will help you with advice;
  • phone talk with your son or daughter - family troubles and caring for family members;
  • talking on the phone to your aunt or uncle on the line of your mother - the arrival of the long-awaited guests;
  • phone call with an uncle or with a paternal aunt - visitors will cause you inconvenience;
  • talking to a friend or colleague on the phone - you will be promoted and will climb the career ladder;
  • talking on the phone with your husband or lover - in reality, your relationship will be “feverish";
  • talking on the phone with a dead relative - revealing a secret.

Did you have a phone conversation with your beloved man? Be sure to specify in what manner the conversation was conducted. The Wanderer's dream book predicts quarrels and grievances to those women who had showdown with their beloved man on the phone in a dream.

If you dreamed that your beloved man was screaming into the phone when talking to you – this is a sign predicting misunderstanding him in reality. But if a guy sees in a dream that his girlfriend confesses her feelings using the phone, then he should think about whether these feelings are strong in reality.

According to the Dream book of pastor Loff, a dream about talking on the phone with your ex-boyfriend holds promise. You should especially be careful if in reality you parted as enemies.

But the Eastern dream book considers a dialogue with an ex-boyfriend as not wanting to let go of the past. You still value this relationship and dream of reunion.

If you dreamed that you were talking on the phone to a friend, then try to recall what exactly you chatted about. If you shared secrets on the phone, this means that you need the advice of a loved one in reality; and if you were discussing some kind of conflict, this is a sign that you should not rush to take all the advice and revelations on faith.

Quarreling with a friend or girlfriend in a dream about nonsense, speaking on the phone is a sign that you are very slpeeny and easily fall under the influence of others.

Did you have a dream in which a deceased relative called you and asked for help? In such cases, this person should be honoured and remembered in reality. And the interpreter of the White Magician predicts an unexpected outcome of a completely familiar and ordinary event, if you dreamed that you were talking to a dead person on the phone.

If you dreamed that communication with the deceased was interrupted due to poor communication, this means you should not miss the chance of success, which will soon be given to you by Fate. Quarreling with a deceased during a telephone contact in a dream is a sign of an unpleasant surprise.

What does a beeper symbolize in dreams? If you buy a pager in a dream, this means temporary difficulties await you. You will have to take care of your family. If you send a message to a pager, expect recognition. If in a dream you lose your pager, you will receive news that will upset you a lot.

A broken beeper in a dream is foreshadowing possible temporary difficulties.

What is the meaning of a dream about forwarding? You will have to publicly apologize for your ridiculous act.

A telephone discussion with someone in a dream symbolizes some rumors or news.

Sergii Haranenko
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