Car Theft Dream Meaning

What does it mean if your car was stolen in a dream? Explanations of why a car theft is seen in a dream often indicate what the dreamer really lacks in real life. The dream book explains what one saw in a dream not only with material wishes, but also with the need for mutual love and the desire to achieve something. The symbol reflects plans for the future, predicts the possibility of their implementation, notes the most striking traits of the dreamer.

If you happened to see in a dream how a car is being taken away, Miller's dream book suggests remembering how the criminal was dressed. If he was seen in a uniform, there may be trouble at work or a conflict with the authorities. Home clothes or the absence of conventional wardrobe items warn against excessive jealousy and reasons for it: now this is the most likely reason for a quarrel.

The dream books contain a lot of explanations of why one dreams of stealing a car himself. Such a wild act as stealing a car in a dream calls you to act actively and immediately in reality. Right now the good moment has come to take revenge for past grievances, do not miss it.

Stealing vehicles in a dream happens to natural-born manipulators who are accustomed to using their advantages with might and main: ingenuity, strong psyche, charm.

If a friend told you a secret that she had a chance to steal a car in a dream, you should be on the lookout: she can easily take your lover away in reality. The dream book claims that the lady dreams of such a symbol for a reason.

When you happen to see someone else's transport being taken away, this means the dreamer has to take on the mission of an intermediary in one of the spheres of life. The interpreter believes that you can achieve success in trading, act as a peacemaker among friends.

If you dreamed that someone else's car was stolen, this may mean that someone's talent and achievements haunt you. The dream book recommends directing your energy to self-development. The plot also means getting rid of the problem.

If you had to witness the theft of a car in broad daylight, Nostradamus's dream book promises new acquaintances. If the car theft took place under cover of night - beware of the intrigues of competitors and dishonest colleagues. When you dreamed that the hijackers are your friends, this means you should be attentive when communicating with them in reality.

    It is interesting to know why the theft of your own car is seen in a dream. The interpreter reassures that what one sees in a dream rarely foreshadows loss, nevertheless, indicates the dreamer's anxious attitude towards material goods and comfort.
  • Seeing the theft of your car happens on the eve of obtaining a prestigious position;
  • If the thief is your friend, this means you will get a great deal;
  • The symbol means the appearance of brilliant prospects on your horizons;
  • If you dreamed of someone stealing a car from your territory, joyful chores are coming;
  • Stealing your own car promises positive changes in your personal life.

In the dream book of Frederick Perls there is an explanation of why the return of a stolen vehicle is seen in a dream. The interpretation of the dream informs in advance that the impending problem is not a trouble at all. It will make you pretty worried; nevertheless, it will be safely resolved.

This is not the only explanation for a dream about a car theft and then the return of the stolen vehicle. The fortuneteller Vanga promises that you will receive gratitude for the service once rendered from the bottom of your heart.

Sergii Haranenko
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