Stealing Dream Meaning

It is unlikely that a normal person will go to theft in real life, but stealing in a dream is a completely different matter. According to dream books, such an act in a dream can predict completely different events, both favorable and joyful, and not quite. Before deciphering what the theft dreams mean, it is worth remembering what you appropriated, and how it all ended, and then you will know what is destined for you.

You are too weak-willed and easily controllable, assures Miller’s dream book, explaining the meaning of a plot in which you happened to steal a wallet or purse from someone. Pull yourself together, engage in self-education and broadening your horizons - this will help you feel more confident and calm.

Did you have a dream that you steal food? Remember what kind of products you stole, the popular dream books advise. So, for example, stealing eggs – is a symbol of the fact that you are not completing the work you have begun – it quickly bores you. Raw meat was stolen in a dream – predicts a disease that will arise in you because of a negligent attitude to your own health.

The dream of theft of fish means the inability to keep one’s mouth shut, the Eastern Dream Book predicts. But the Islamic interpreter is sure that such a vision can mean problems in relations due to understatement.

What is the interpretation of a dream plot in which you stole food in a store to feed homeless animals? Dreambook of Vanga believes that this means the dreamer has no friends. Stealing a sausage or cheese in a dream is a sign of reluctance to make contact with someone.

    Dream books offer more optimistic interpretations deciphering the meaning of a plot in which you steal fruits, berries and vegetables in the market or in the store. Compare:
  • stealing grapes – to a merry feast;
  • stealing strawberries – you will get carried away by a not free person;
  • stealing apricots – do not be offended by trifles;
  • stealing plums – you will be invited to visit a stranger;
  • stealing pears – you are selfish – you should reconsider your behavior;
  • stealing watermelon, melon – a symbol of big luck;
  • stealing red tomatoes – they will offer you a risky, but financially profitable adventure;
  • stealing cabbage – do not spend money on nonsense you do not need;
  • stealing potatoes – wait for the guests;
  • stealing onions, garlic – you will make a mistake that you will laugh at later;
  • stealing corn – do not refuse someone’s help;
  • stealing cucumbers – you will help someone yourself.

Dreams in which you stole something directly from the garden or orchard have slightly different meanings. For example, stealing apples from a neighbor is a symbol of your curiosity, which will help you cope with problematic issues. Were the stolen apples sweet? You do not have to strain for this. But stealing sour apples – predicts troubles.

If you dreamed that you stole nuts, it means that you will be very lucky soon. Do not be afraid to take risks: play, invest, borrow - everything you spend will come back to you a hundredfold, assures Tsvetkov’s dream book.

Why do you dream that you robbed an apartment? You can agree to move or change jobs – you will be lucky in a new place. And the theft of books in a dream “tells” how to act in a difficult situation: remember what genre of books prevailed in a dream, and act according to this genre.

Explaining the meaning of dreams of stealing sweets, dream books say that this is a hint of your excessive modesty. Take an objective look at yourself and you will realize that you underestimate your abilities.

If you stole chocolates or chocolate candies in a dream - wait for an invitation to an interesting company. Were the stolen sweets caramel candies? You will decide to show others what you are capable of. But stealing candies on a stick is a sign of surprise at how much those around you value your abilities.

Did you have a dream that you stole sugar? You can show off, but in moderation, dream books advise. And if you have stolen cookies, cake, pie or sweet bread, then you can flaunt your achievements - even if not everyone appreciates them, you will amuse your own vanity.

Did you have a dream about how you stole children's toys? According to Pastor Loff's dream book, such a vision means an unconscious desire to return to time when you had no worries.

Did you see how you steal a bike in a dream? Go to where your childhood passed; this journey or a short trip will help you put your thoughts in order.

Are you wondering why there is a dream, where you, as a child, tried to rob a bird's yard and took away chickens and geese, but after that you returned everything to its place? The dream book of Nostradamus assures that with such images the consciousness tells you about the need to abandon the obligations undertaken in a hurry.

If you dreamed about the flowers that you plucked from someone else's flowerbed, think about whether you are doing everything in order to be "noticed." And if in a dream you collected flowers from other people's graves, then be sure that with your actions you dig your own efforts into the ground.

Humiliation and anguish await the dreamer who stole soap or its remains in a dream. Moreover, the smaller the soap bar in your dream, the sadder you will be. And all because you do not want to recognize your personality.

Do you dream about stealing makeup or perfumes? This is a sign of the desire to impersonate another person. Moreover, you do not always act for your own good, exposing yourself to be worse than you are.

Theft of jewelry in a dream – gold or diamonds - symbolizes the loss of money, the dream books upset. The more gold jewelry you stole in a dream, the more difficult your situation will be in reality, the Gypsy interpreter states.

Did you see that you stole gold from a rich man and gave it to a beggar? Such a dream is identified by dream books with the dreamer's vain attempts to change something in his life.

But Longo’s dream book compares any jewelry stolen by you in a dream with the vices of a sleeping person. So stolen earrings speak of inability to listen to the interlocutor, rings - about your greed, necklaces - about envy, diadem - about silliness.

Did you steal bijouterie in a dream? You invented non-existent benefits for yourself, and their absence in reality unsettle you.

Protect your secrets from strangers, dream books advise, deciphering what dreams of stealing clothes or personal belongings mean.

Stealing socks – means to reveal secrets about the upcoming trip; to steal underwear – predicts disclosure of secrets of an intimate nature (especially if it was someone else's underpants). But to steal a fur coat or other outerwear in a dream is a sign to hide something personal from everyone.

Among the items stolen in a dream, shoes occupy a separate interpretation place. To steal boots in a dream – means you will be forced to change your place of residence due to the fact that some unpleasant circumstances of your past will be revealed. And if you steal shoes or slippers, it means that the envious person will break the peace in the family, finding out the secrets from you and revealing them.

Understanding what theft symbolizes in a dream, it is worth considering options for dreams, in which you do not steal, but someone else steals from you, dream books suggest.

If you dreamed that you were left without fuel for the stove, and someone has taken chopped wood from the yard, then this is a hint - do not be too passionate, be softer and more reasonable.

Why do you dream that you were left without change? Rejoice, this means that you will be able to exclude everything unnecessary from your life. You see in a dream that thieves dug up all the potatoes or other root crops from the garden – you will get rid of modesty and a number of complexes.

Sergii Haranenko
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