Light In The Window Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of light in the window in a dream? This dream vision promises prosperity, happiness, hope for the best, romantic acquaintance, successful achievement of the goal. But sometimes such a symbol tells you: you need to get rid of your shortcomings, help your loved one with advice - says a dream book.

The dream plot about light in the window portends: the dreamer will be able to find out something important for himself. This information will be very useful for making the right decision.

Seeing this radiance in the distance means you will find family happiness and consent with the chosen one.

Why does one dream of going to the light? The dream book promises that your dream will come true; you can achieve the goal you were striving for. Did you see the light in the window of the house? A dream promises happiness, prosperity, home comfort.

If the window of your house shone in a dream, and you, returning from somewhere, looked at it, there is a great time ahead. Thanks to the support of relatives, you will achieve significant success, implement your projects.

Did you have a dream of a lighted window opening of your apartment? The Dream Interpretation indicates: the vision symbolizes the hope for a better future, which should soon come.

The glow of a burning candle in a dream foreshadows a coming romantic acquaintance that can develop into a long relationship.

Did the sleeping man see a brightly lit window in the darkness of the night? A dream indicates: a person should get rid of envy and other negative emotions that interfere with his life. You need to arouse good feelings in yourself.

Why does one dream about the light in the window suddenly turning on in the middle of twilight? This means the dreamer will find hope for a favorable turn of events. Luck awaits him, everything will turn out perfectly. If you had such a vision, the dream interpretation explains: very soon all problems will be solved. You can find a way out of an unpleasant situation.

The light in the window in a dream promises family joys, prosperity, comfort, and pride for your children. A good period will come soon. It is advisable to spend this time with family, friends, children.

When you were in the room, did you see a bright sunbeam piercing the window glass? This image means joy and success are coming. Such a plot in a dream also promises: you will clarify an important question for yourself soon.

The light in the window suggests, according to the dream book: the sleeper will need to give wise advice, for which a friend or colleague will turn to him.

    Remember what the light was:
  • bright – means good luck on the love front;
  • muffled – indicates that you are hoping for something;
  • blinking - affairs will advance with varying success;
  • dying away - fading of feelings.

What is the interpretation of a dream of seeing light from the darkness in a window, either disappearing or reappearing? According to Miller, the issue you are dealing with will not bring the expected result.

Did you dream of the moonlight streaming through the window towards you? The interpretation of a dream portends a close encounter with your future soulmate.

Also the moonlight going through the window in a dream indicates: you miss one of the relatives.

Sergii Haranenko
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