Child Hit By Car Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about child hit by car, the dreambooks recommend not ignoring such alarming sign. This dream means that exactly what you saw will not happen in reality, but there is danger of another kind that you should better try avoiding.

Miller’s dreambook gives various explanation of hitting a child by car in a dream. If the dreamer himself was driving, in reality he risks losing control of the situation at the most inappropriate and crucial moment.

If the dreamer turned out to be a witness to the incident, he will be able to carry out his plans only under the condition of the utmost vigilance.

If a kid whom you know got into an accident in a dream, in reality nothing threatens his life and health, however, he will cause a lot of trouble of a different nature.

A dream about an accident with a child you care about is often seen by parents who can not accept the fact that their children are growing up.

When a nephew or friend’s son appears in a dream, his family will soon need help. Dream interpretation promises that responsiveness will result in a profit, not necessarily material. Sometimes a dream about an accident with a child you know can represent conflict between his parents.

    The dream details will help you get better interpretation:
  • When you happen to see a lot of blood in a dream, note that your anxiety affects your beloved ones;
  • If fire or smoke appears in a dream, an acute illness can occur;
  • Clearly seeing the details of the car – you will have a surgery;
  • If the incident happened in broad daylight, you will find yourself in the midst of a scandal;
  • If you had a dream about a night accident, and you didn’t see the details, something will surprise you a lot.

Sometimes such unpleasant dream can be a precursor of changes in personal life.

Children in a dream are identified with the secret fears of the dreamer himself. Deliberately huge car personifies a strong and dangerous enemy, the conflict with whom scares the dreamer in real life.

A large crowd of people symbolizes the fear of speeches in front of an audience, the fear of disgracing in public, to become a laughing stock.

A dream about how a child was hit by a car is often associated with a tense period in the dreamer’s personal life. The dreamer is afraid of being lonely because of the lack of attractiveness, in his opinion.

If you were the driver during the accident, the Eastern interpreters state, that on the way to the goal you are ready to tear down any obstacle and nothing will stop you. The interpretation concerns mainly the business sphere.

A Women dreambook warns that someone is fooling you. A dream brings trouble and unexpected expenses. A Modern dreambook, on the contrary, promises pleasant surprises: profit, a fateful meeting, good news.

Sergii Haranenko
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