Nephew Dream Meaning

To see your nephew in a dream is a sign of small problems, upsets and ado. If your nephew looked nice and behaved friendly in your dream, you can expect financial profit: this can be either an additional bonus at work or a lottery winning.

If your nephew was dull, ill or frowning in a dream, you should be ready for financial loss or other problems related to money. The interpreters are not talking about poverty, of course, but there will be unforeseen expenses and losses. Or you may get disappointed in the way you earn money at the moment.

If you were hugging your nephew in a dream, this plot can mean he needs support in real life. If your nephew hugged you, this means you are lacking home warmth. The dreambooks recommend revising your family views to those who are married and having a better look at people near you for those you are lonely.

If the nephew was older than you in a dream, this means you are worried about your fading beauty and age.

A dream about nephew’s death is a warning about a long chronic illness. But this can be avoided if you take preventive measures in advance.

A dream about a deceased nephew who looked alive and healthy is a symbol of revival of your lost hopes. What seemed lost forever will let know of itself very soon.

If your nephew hurt you in your dream and you wished him dead, you should take a good care of your money. The closer relative the person seen was the bigger amount you may lose.

Seeing death of an already deceased nephew is a sign that you are dissatisfied with something in your life; and this something doesn’t let you live a normal life and enjoy it. After you wake up you should sort out your thoughts and try eliminating the disturbing factor from your life.

Being someone’s great-nephew (or great-niece) in a dream means that someone whose opinion you value will distrust you for some reason. You should be careful with what you do or say.

A dream about your great-nephew, who you know about but never met in real life, visiting you, means you should be ready for unexpected guests.

If you were trying to hug your long-distance nephew but he resisted is a sign that you will face obstacles on the way to your goal. You should better take full control of the situation, the dreambooks recommend.

Sergii Haranenko
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