Child In Poop Dream Meaning

A baby is a symbol of purity and innocence, whereas feces, seen in a dream, are either the sign of money or problems.

In the opinion of Miller’s dreambook, dreams of babies who crapped their pants for those who have children in real life are “empty”, i.e. they reflect what the person experienced during the day. For those people who do not have children, such plot is a symbol of problems in business.

If you were holding a baby in your hands in a dream and he shitted on you, this means that in the next few days you will have a small but daily profit, Vanga’s dreambook predicts.

To dream that you were playing with a little boy, and he pooped sitting on your arms means financial troubles, a little girl in feces predicts unexpectedly easy earnings.

If you were washing off baby’s feces from your clothes, this means that your investments will make you worry, but everything will end well.

To see that you are bathing a little child who was in poop in a dream means you will be able to cope with your problems, the Moon dreambook says.

If you wipe the little boy’s butt with a damp napkin in a dream, you will have to work hard to achieve your goals; if it was girl’s butt, this means that tasks are solved easily and simply.

Washing the child in feces and not being able to wash the poop off means that the problems will not be solved easily; but if you keep working on the issue, you will be able to get rid of the problem.

If a newly born baby shitted himself in your dream, this image predicts little victories or small money. If it was a baby who already can crawl or walk, this means that each step you make comes with difficulty, you are trampling on the spot. You need to change tactics, Eastern dreambook advises.

If a boy of 3-5 years of age was in feces, this image shows that you do not know how to stop in time, because of this you get into trouble. If a relatively grown-up girl pooped herself in your dream, you will have some unexpected pleasant surprises. A teenager who crapped his pants is a sign of unstable vitality; any little thing annoys you, you get tired quickly.

If the child in your dream was smiling in spite of being in feces, this means you will have warm relations in the family.

If the child who crapped his pants was crying, you will have to face some difficulties both in business and personal spheres.

If the child was crying when someone washed him, this is a sign saying you will have to undergo a difficult life situation. And if the baby was having fun while washing this means there will be serious changes for the better in the dreamer’s life: the lonely will get married, married people will start the second honeymoon.

Sergii Haranenko
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