Coconut Dream Meaning

Dream of coconut

Coconut is a rather curious dream symbol. In a dream it promises love adventures and usual everyday cares, warns about shocking incidents and unexpected surprises.

If you see plots about coconuts, the dream interpretation is sure: you lack exotics and miracles in your life. Perhaps you have long dreamed of traveling to an unfamiliar place. The same image hints at receiving news from afar. But the dreambook warns that hopes may turn out to be false, and expectations will not bring any results.

If a man dreamed of a palm tree with coconuts, he is guaranteed to spend the night with a charming girl. To see a coconut tree for a woman means that she will have a love affair with a young lover.

If you see a palm tree hung with ripe coconuts, the dream interpretation thinks that you secretly aspire to a serious power over others; and in reality you make timid attempts to command people.

It is a bad sign to see a dried coconut tree. It is a symbol of the troubles and betrayal of friends. Coconuts which you can not reach in a dream mean that you can not get the desired position in reality, because you can not cope with the current responsibilities.

If you plan to grow a coconut right in your own apartment in a dream, some strange idea will take all your thoughts in reality.

If you tried to break a coconut, Miller’s dreambook is sure: the desire to receive pleasure from life is manifested in an original way. This vision promises the advances of the insistent gentleman, with whom she will eventually succumb if seen by a girl.

If you buy a coconut, you will create an unwanted and difficult problem for yourself.

If a woman sees a coconut in her dream, she can expect a pleasant communication in the company of men.

If a man dreamed that he was trying to knock down a nut from a high palm, he will soon court after an impregnable maiden.

If you happened to break the coconut, this means you will have to try hard in order to get the favor of a person you like.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations of dreams about actions with coconuts:
  • Shaking the coconut tree - a failed business.
  • Tearing off coconuts from the branches - a gain, a significant profit.
  • Gathering fallen coconuts - a brilliant idea, a successful project.
  • Buying them on the market - an unsolvable problem.
  • A coconut fell on your head - shock, surprise.

If you enjoyed drinking coconut milk in a dream, the dreambooks think that you will successfully finish the endeavor that you started.

Cracking a coconut and drinking its milk with pleasure means you will discover a secret that will bring many benefits. Seeing a coconut tree in a dream speaks of infidelity of friends; a dried palm tree or a small inedible coconut means trouble.

If you dreamed that you cracked a nut hard and coconut milk splashed from the inside, such plot opens secrets, which will result in a great benefit.

What does it mean to eat coconut pulp in a dream? Dream interpretation prophesies receiving help from friends and success in business.

If a completely inedible pulp turned out to be in the split nut, this means hopes will go to ashes and you will have to start all over again.

Eating a coconut without much desire and even with disgust is a bad sign. The circumstances will unfold in the most unfavorable way, and you will have to do what you clearly do not want to.

If you use coconut chips to cook a sweet dessert, the dream book is convinced that prudent behavior will bring good luck.

It is a good sign to buy sweets with coconut in a dream. This is a sure sign of the fulfillment of a rather unusual desire. Candy and chocolate with coconut promise a good purchase and a bargain.

Top-5 negative dreams about coconuts

  • An empty coconut is a bad dream predicting trouble.
  • Rotten coconut - means disappointment in your loved one.
  • Buying a coconut means losing a large sum.
  • Dropping it means danger due to carelessness.
  • To break it - performing hard and low-paid work.

Top-5 positive coconut dream meanings

  • Orange coconut speaks of getting rid of anxious thoughts.
  • Yellow coconut means good luck in your personal life.
  • Brown coconut - means winning a large sum.
  • Selling coconut promises successful implementation of the project.
  • If you dreamed that it fell on someone's head, this signifies the emergence of a creative idea.

Coconut dream symbolism

What does a coconut symbolize in dreams? Coconuts are known for their nutritional value and water content. Dreaming of coconuts may symbolize a need for nourishment, either physically or emotionally. It could indicate a desire for sustenance in various aspects of your life.

Coconuts are often associated with tropical environments and relaxation. Dreaming of coconuts might represent a desire for a break, vacation, or a need to unwind from life's stresses.

The hard shell of a coconut conceals the nourishing water and pulp inside. Dreaming of coconuts may symbolize hidden potential or opportunities that are not immediately apparent. It could suggest the need to explore hidden aspects of a situation.

Coconuts are known for their resilience and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Dreaming of coconuts may symbolize your own resilience and the capacity to endure challenges.

The versatile use of coconuts in cooking, crafts, and more can represent creativity. Dreaming of coconuts might indicate a desire to express your creativity or explore new artistic endeavors.

Given the nutritional value of coconuts, dreaming of them might be a subconscious signal to focus on health and wellness. It could suggest a need for a healthier lifestyle or dietary changes.

In some cultures, coconuts are seen as symbols of fertility. Dreaming of coconuts may be related to issues of fertility, growth, or the desire for abundance in various aspects of life.

Dreams of coconuts may bring to mind tropical environments. While not explicitly biblical, tropical imagery could symbolize a desire for a peaceful and paradisiacal state, reminiscent of the biblical concept of the Garden of Eden.

Sergii Haranenko
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