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Interpretation of a dream about desert

Walking in a desert in your dream promise different kinds of doubt in real life. An interesting fact is that you will have doubts about affairs you had absolutely no doubts before. Meeting a wanderer in the desert predicts hard time. A young lady seeing herself alone in the middle of the desert should beware of losing her reputation because of her indiscretion.

If you were frightened and lonely in the desert the majority of dreambooks consider this a negative dream. It can be the sign of upcoming loneliness - your friends and relatives will not find time for communication. A dream about riding a camel in the desert is a symbol that you will be able to overcome the existing obstacles. If you were able to cross the whole desert it is a symbol that you will be finally able to realize your real desires. Medea’s dreambook thinks that riding a camel is a symbol of unrequited love. If the desert was enormous in this dream it means long time of romantic suffering.

A desert can also symbolize a wrong life path. If this is true it means that every goal you set gives you too many obstacles for its fulfilling. If you had a company in the desert it is a sign that you will have someone to help you overcome life difficulties.