Communion Dream Meaning

What does the sacrament dream means? Such a sign in a dream calls to strengthen one’s spirituality and attend church more often. The dream portends the achievement of the plan, taking the right decision in a difficult situation. But this is also a warning about accusations of deception, fleeting temptations, says the dream book.

    The dreambooks give interpretations depending on the plot details:
  • Taking communion yourself – you will feel joy;
  • Seeing another person at Eucharist – someone will help you with advice;
  • Feeling yourself unworthy of sacrament – you will face a number of inconveniences;
  • Feeling emotional lift after communion – you will take the right decision.

Why do we dream of Holy Communion? There will be a spiritual conversation with a person who has learned some secrets or questions that interest you, Miller states.

Communion symbolizes the dreamer's desire to clarify the moments of Christian mysticism, to comprehend the secrets of Christ. In a dream, seeing that you are taking the sacrament means: you will need to donate to the temple and attend it more often, the dream book indicates.

Taking the sacrament while feeling uncomfortable - in reality you will be accused of deception. It will take a long time to justify that evil intentions were absent or make amends.

Also, the vision of communion promises: the dreamer may abandon his own independent opinion in order to fulfill a frivolous desire. This is a reminder: it is necessary to resist fleeting temptations that can only do harm.

For lovers standing in a dream in front of the altar and taking communion portends a coming separation due to an unexpected departure or a serious illness. Such a plot, according to the dream book, also indicates serious complications at work.

What is the meaning of a dream of taking community in the church? The dream book tells: the path chosen by the dreamer is the only right one. The machinations of ill-wishers will not be able to interfere with his plans. Pleasant surprises await you in relations with others and in financial matters.

To pray and receive communion in the church in a dream means a favorable moment is coming. Dreams will come true - says the dream book. Even the most daring plans can now be implemented with minimal effort.

If you saw you are being denied of communion, but you yourself feel worthy of it, this means you can occupy some important position for which there were more powerful, well-known applicants.

Did you have a confession and communion? A dream promises a person insight, a reassessment of the situation or some information. This will help find a way out of the difficulty.

Taking Eucharist in a dream and feeling joy means you will do some charitable deeds soon. They may not bring material incentives, but these actions will give joy to your soul. If you saw such a rite in the rays of sun coming through the windows of the temple, this is a very good sign. The Lord hears you and favors you.

If the man dreamed that he was preparing for the sacrament, but there was a desecration at night, which prevented him from starting the sacrament, the dream interpretation tells: the sleeper is too subject to passions. You need to learn to restrain your desires.

Seeing that there is no wine and bread for communion in a dream means that a person will understand that he has accepted the faith of others in vain, since this did not allow him to approach the goal.

Sergii Haranenko
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