Keyboard Dream Meaning

What is the keyboard dream meaning and symbolism? Every little thing in our dream gives us a hint, we just have to interpret it correctly. The things that your subconscious mind gives out can be directly related to both your activity and what you saw by chance.

According to the Dreambook of the 21st century, a keyboard in any form can mean a deliberate loss of money, unplanned waste for a woman.

If you dreamed of a keyboard that is broken or inoperative, then be prepared, your affairs will go worse.

If in a dream a programmer, working at a computer, types something quickly on the keyboard, this is a sign that your intentions to get the most out of life will be crowned with success. A dream in which you click on the keyboard keys and nothing is displayed on the monitor, promises non-fulfillment of your plans.

According to Stepanova’s modern dreambook, if you had a dream about how you tirelessly tap the keyboard, this indicates fatigue in a boring and monotonous job. Try to change jobs or activities.

Does the keyboard belong to the typewriter? You will have to deal with problems with law enforcement agencies, possibly with the tax office. For a girl, such a dream means financial losses.

Hearing hits on the keyboard in a dream is a sign of unpleasant news from relatives. Beware of evil tongues.

If the keyboard does not function, this dream means things will get worse, perhaps you will have to deal with the court.

If you dreamed about the keyboard of a musical instrument this means that a new acquaintance with a creative person awaits you soon.

A dream in which you see a keyboard also suggests that someone is reporting on you.

Seeing your perfect keyboard control means you can live the life you planned.

Obsessive, loud, frequent tapping of your fingers on the keyboard indicates that your work is very monotonous and does not bring you joy.

According to the Eastern women’s dreambook, seeing the keyboard in a dream predicts deterioration of affairs.

Hearing someone typing on it is a sign of gossip that will affect your reputation negatively.

The keyboard is faulty - means court-related problems.

According to the Family dreambook, if you saw a keyboard in a dream, then expect big waste or large unplanned purchases.

According to Maya dream explanation, typing something on a keyboard in a dream means you will control someone.

Seeing piano keys in a dream - in reality expect an acquaintance with a famous musician. It is important: When meeting a famous person, do not rush to brag, this can ruin your relationship with the person forever.

The computer keys indicate that there is a lot to think about.

Freud though that if in a dream you see someone pressing the keys of the instrument, this means that in reality someone puts pressure on you.

Sergii Haranenko
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