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Interpretation of a dream about cow with calf

The dreambooks assume that an image of a cow with a calf is a very kind and positive symbol. Such plots usually appear in a dream in order to encourage the person, let him know that he is on the right way and will certainly achieve his goal.

If the cow calved in your dream, this plot may reflect your passivity. You feel much more comfortable when you do not have to decide anything and take responsibility; that is why you need a leader or mentor. Another interpretation of a cow’s calving is opening of new opportunities and perspectives. You will take an unexpected decision that will surprise not only people around you, but you as well. Nevertheless, this non-standard approach will help you fulfill your plans.

If a man sees a dream about a cow giving birth, this plot can have several meanings: he will either have a child soon or get profit. If a pregnant woman sees a dream about a cow giving birth to a calf, this symbol should be taken as a warning that there can be some complications during the labor. It is better to take care about proper medical help in advance, you will definitely need it.

Dream interpretations advise not to make special hopes and aspirations on dreams about a pregnant cow. If the animal that you saw in your dream was yours, you can hardly expect calving this year. This is not the most favorable period to fulfill the previously planned projects.