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Cows On Pasture Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about cows feeding on pasture, this image reflects your aspiration for spiritual growth and peace. Your thoughts and hopes are always connected with your home, family hearth and wellbeing of your family. If you were grazing cows in your dream, this means that you understand that your family and close friends need your care and practical help. In spite of acknowledging that this is quite troublesome you will not be able to refuse.

If you have a dream about many cows, the Eastern dreambook interprets it allegorically. As everyone knows, cows can roar pretty loud and this plot may symbolize that you will happen to be in the center of great cry and will also have to shed a lot of tears.

The interpretation of a dream about running cows depends on whether you were able to control the herd in a dream. In general this plot represents quite a dangerous situation: one or several people from your surrounding are going to make treacherous act against you. If the cows were running at the direction that you set, this means you will be able to solve the situation with honor. Moreover, you may be able to trap the traitors into their own nets and derive some benefit from it. Prudence will be your best ally in this situation. If you happened to see that a cow started running in your dream, you should pay attention to her direction. If it ran in unknown direction, you are risking missing out something important; if the animal was running straight on you, you can be expecting troubles and worries; if it runs past you, you can be sure that the problems will pass by.

A herd of cows represents having a good time in a pleasant company, nice surprises and communication. If a cow lies and chews the cud, the dreambooks warn that in reality you will soon receive a tempting at first glance, but absolutely hopeless and therefore useless proposition. You should not rush to accept it, respect your time and energy. Petting a cow is a very positive sign; you are attracting happiness and luck in personal life and business. A big cow symbolizes your dreams coming true. The bigger and fatter it was, the more you will get. A thick or ill cow is a warning that it is better to postpone your plans and beginnings now; now is not the best time.

A dream about a cow and bull together reflects harmony in your mind and soul. If you were milking the cow, you will be successful in all you start: at work, at home, in business, in love. Cow’s mooing can cause a lot of trouble and worries, however, they will justify themselves. A dream can represent an intrusive person who is trying to interfere in your life, even with the best intentions. A single grazing cow symbolizes harmony in relations, whether the deal is about family relations, love of friendship. This plot can also have a contrary meaning: it can represent your apathy, unwillingness to take part in any business. Mostly probable such condition is caused by tiredness.

As for an interesting dream about a talking cow, Aesop’s dreambook explains it quite simply: you do not have enough communication with like-minded people or you are alone in your own family.

Sergii Haranenko

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