Black Cow Dream Meaning

Did you dream about black cow? What does it symbolize when seen in the night plot? A black cow seen in a dream speaks of the presence of "skeletons in the closet", which very soon may become revealed. Simply put, dream books promise trouble and deception to all those who dreamed of this horned animal. If you want to get the most accurate predictions regarding your future, be sure to clarify why such stories appear in your dreams.

Almost all dream books without exception promise trouble to those dreamers who were not lucky to see a black cow in a dream. But interpreting why such images are seen in a dream, it is necessary to make allowances for the behavior of cattle in a dream.

Here, for example, according to the Eastern Dream Book, a dark-colored cow grazing peacefully in the meadow means receiving unpleasant news. Many black heifers noticed in the field mean that the news will concern you directly. And if you dreamed of a light cows herd with only one black cow, then this means that you need to look closely at your surroundings.

Did a young girl dream about fat black cow with horns? This kind of vision symbolizes the desire of this young person to assert herself through pressure and aggression, says Spring Dream Book.

And here, the interpreter Longo, explaining why one dreams of a black heifer with horns directed on you, warns that one should be choosier in acquaintances. There is a chance to have a relationship with an aggressive and unrestrained person. Especially if you dreamed that this same cow is attacking you. Do you see in a dream that a cow with horns attacks a hornless one? This means you will become a witness to someone else's quarrel.

In contrast to the black cow always stands its white "congener". However, do not think that an animal with such a color always promises joy. Most often, a white cow in a dream personifies the image of a deceased relative or friend. If it peacefully chews grass, then this suggests that there are warm memories of the dead man in your soul.

Medea's dream book gives a slightly different interpretation of the dream: if a woman saw a light-colored cow, this means that soon she will look after a sick relative.

Did a woman had a chance to graze white calves in a dream? This image means she will regret something. But, according to the Moon Dreambook, explaining why a woman dreams of an albino cow, this is a signal that not everything in her behavior adds positive impression to her image.

    There are a number of interpretations that predict the future for those who saw a black cow in a dream. Remember your manipulations with it and compare:
  • Milking a black cow – predicts profit, but not in a completely honest way;
  • Helping deliver a calf in a dream – you will be able to recognize a profitable business from great amount of others;
  • To drive someone else’s cattle out of the yard – means to get rid of problems;
  • Buying a black cow in a dream – predicts emergence of competitors;
  • Selling a cow – you will get rid of your opponent.

A world-famous dream interpreter Miller assures that a black cow seen in a dream is a sign of misfortune and failure. If you see such a cattle in a dream, when you wake up, be sure to revise and adjust your plans - this will help you avoid disappointments and defeats.

Sergii Haranenko
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