Dandelions Dream Meaning

Such a plant as dandelion is considered to be one of the first omens of the coming summer. It is used in medicine and even in cooking. Most often, the dream books interprets such a dream positively. For example, making a salad from dandelions in a dream predicts a happy marriage. To learn more versions of why this plant is seen in a dream, check out the predictions of several interpreters at once.

What is the interpretation of dandelions according to Vanga’s dreambook? If you dreamed of yellow dandelions, this image means that in real life you will be protected by higher forces. Something unearthly constantly monitors your actions, protecting from troubles. A dream is a clear sign for you. Bother to do everything possible so as not to anger the gods.

Dream book of Vanga believes that dandelions are God's flowers. Picking this plant in a dream is a bad sign. Get ready for the gods to become angry with you. Such a plot portends a lot of problems and disappointments.

To dream about blowing off white dandelions means a serious life test. Most likely, in reality the boss will treat you with great injustice and cruelty. You can also get a reprimand for an imperfect act. The dreambook advises not to be upset and not to become depressed, but to think about how you can justify yourself in the eyes of others.

According to the Universal dreambook, if you dream that you are blowing on white dandelions, be careful in committing rash acts. Do not forget that happiness is a rather fragile state, and with any mistake it can give way to grief and depression.

To dream about giving someone a hand-picked bouquet of dandelions means avoiding an oppressed state. Your mind will allow you to find a way out of a difficult situation. Moreover, the dreamed image predicts that fate will provide an opportunity to receive certain benefits.

If you had a dream of blowing on white dandelions, the Universal dreambook thinks that in reality you will be able to solve very complex problems, and without any help. If you dream that the seeds remained on the flower head despite all your attempts to blow them away, this means difficulties will bother you for a long time.

If in a dream you saw very bright yellow dandelions, this means the circumstances themselves will develop incredibly successfully. If a young lonely girl dreams that she gathers yellow flowers in a large beautiful field, this means she will marry very successfully. Picking flowers that are already ripe – means to marry a man of much older age.

The Modern dream book believes that to see dandelion umbrellas in a dream is a symbol of a date that will be overshadowed by a small quarrel. If you do not want to lose this relationship, you should show maximum restraint and watch what you say. If in a dream there were many dandelion umbrellas among the fragrant fields, the quarrel will be big as well.

Did you pick these flowers in a dream and made a flower crown? Rejoice, there is the opportunity to safely resolve all your difficulties. Moreover, the modern dream book promises that it will be possible to resolve difficulties in a short time.

Autumn dreambook warns that if you saw several fluffy dandelions among a flowering field, a number of obstacles will not allow you achieve your goal. It is better to make another attempt a little later. The wilted plants found in a dream should also be interpreted the same way.

An explanation of why one dreams of picking blowballs gives the Children's interpreter as well. The interpreter states one should not be so frivolous, otherwise problems in relations with people around cannot be avoided. Especially if you dreamed that you picked up a whole bouquet.

Picking up bright fragrant dandelions in a dream - predicts happy love or a marriage. If in a dream when collecting flowers you were very happy, this is a sign that in reality you will experience similar feelings. Aesop's Dream Interpretation recommends enjoying joy and happiness. Do not let your fears overshadow this wonderful period.

Sergii Haranenko
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