Lily Of The Valley Dream Meaning

Lilies of the valley seen in a dream speak of a romantic date and mutual love. Besides that, these flowers can predict health deterioration. These delicate spring flowers symbolize lightness, purity, the birth of tender feelings. In addition, lilies of the valley in a dream predict problems and experiences, according to dream books.

What were your actions with lilies of the valley in your dream? If you picked lilies of the valley, this image promises replenishment in the family. If you gave a woman a bouquet of these flowers, this is a sign of being in love.

If you dreamed about white lilies of the valley, this is a sign predicting guests’ visit.

Live spring flowers seen in a dream are a sign of a pleasant and joyful event.

According to the White Magician's dream book, seeing lilies of the valley in a dream foreshadows a sad event that will make a sleeping person acutely feel his loneliness. Try to enjoy being with yourself and take advantage of the reluctance to be alone.

A dream about lilies of the valley, according to Miller's dream book, testifies to the intolerance of your loved one to lies and treason. To avoid the tense atmosphere between you, you should not hide from your beloved any, even uninteresting details.

Seeing fresh, fragrant lilies of the valley in a dream reflects the prospect of receiving a long-awaited gift from a loved one or a chance to fulfill a cherished dream. Dreaming of withered flowers predicts a long separation from a lover or a strong disappointment in someone.

According to interpreter N. Grishina, dry lilies of the valley reflect the dreamer's exaggerated demands on himself and others. Because of this, you constantly experience inexplicable discomfort and irritation, try to look at life a little easier.

For a pregnant woman, a dream in which she happened to gather lilies of the valley promises the birth of a strong and healthy baby.

According to the Eastern female dream book, the dream of picking lilies of the valley promises family joys. Your future or current children will be endowed with the most important human virtues - beauty, intelligence, obedience and health.

Planting lilies of the valley in a dream, according to Tsvetkov, represents the opportunity to take care of your own well-being. For a young girl, the dream plot predicts a successful marriage. For a married couple planting lily of the valley seeds predicts the appearance of a heir, or coming pregnancy.

If in a dream a man happened to plant these gentle spring flowers, it means that in the near future the dreamer will have a new passion, which, unlike the previous ones, will be endowed with such rare qualities as purity, ingenuousness and innocence.

To dream of a bouquet of lilies of the valley standing in a vase in your home, according to the Modern Combined Dream Book, portends fleeting joy, which will be replaced by grief and longing. To feel in a dream the unforgettable scent of these flowers predicts the receipt of good news from distant friends.

Giving these fragrant flowers to someone is a sign of falling in love. Probably, the person that the dreamer ignored and underestimated will show himself from an unexpected side and win the dreamer's disposition and sympathy.

To receive a spring bouquet as a gift portends with the Modern combined dream book an interesting acquaintance with a charming person who will bring many minutes of joy, awe, anxiety and longing.

    What are the Top-5 negative lily of the valley dream meanings?
  • Lilies of the valley with small flowers seen in a dream are a sign of an unpleasant surprise.
  • Dry lilies of the valley - symbolize irritation and dissatisfaction with life.
  • Trampling a bouquet of lilies of the valley - means breaking friendly relations.
  • Putting a bouquet in a vase means separation from loved ones.
  • Pulling flowers by the roots means a scandal with relatives.
    Here are Top-5 positive dreams about lilies of the valley.
  • Fresh fragrant lilies of the valley mean a pleasant surprise from a loved one.
  • Lilies of the valley growing in a sunny meadow - symbolize harmony in the family.
  • To receive a bunch of such flowers as a gift is a sign of love and happiness.
  • Inhaling their aroma - promises good news from friends.
  • Planting these flowers in the garden - means improving your financial situation.
Sergii Haranenko
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