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Eating Cookies Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you ate cookies in a dream? Dream interpretation interprets plots about eating cookies as a foreshadowing of the soonest achievement of well-being or the desired result, the appearance of completely new plans. But also this image in a dream warns about the dangers of indulging one's desires, warns against blind trust to others.

The dreamed image says: the person has full control over his life; nothing can ruin him or make him doubt his own abilities.

It is a good sign for a young woman to cook and eat cookies in a dream. She can be sure about her choice of a boyfriend. The man you chose will be courageous and faithful.

If a married woman cooked and ate cookies in her dream, she will soon be meeting guests at her place and treating them.

If you dreamed about biting cookies, that turned out to be not tasty, even inedible, according to Miller, the dreamer should not rely on people from his surrounding. He may be embroiled in a scandal.

Eating chocolate cookies in a dream is a sign that the dreamer is not used to deny himself the pleasures. But it is better to change this attitude, because this is living by one day, to the detriment of your reputation, as well as health.

Eating chocolate cookies that you baked yourself means that you are very sensitive and fall in love easily. Try not to be so recklessly addicted to persons of the opposite sex.

    The dream interpretations also take into consideration what kind of cookies you ate:
  • sweet - entertainment and enjoyment;
  • salty - you will begin to make new plans and radically change the course of action;
  • biscuits - a pleasant evening with friends;
  • oatmeal cookies - you give too much energy to the problems of others, it's time to pay attention to your issues;
  • chocolate - you constantly look at the world through pink-colored glasses;
  • cookies with cream - courageous sexual imaginations will be carried out.

Eating sweet cookies with raisins means you should be careful - in reality you can make an annoying mistake.

Eating tasty biscuits with filling in a dream is a symbol of feeling of safety or strong need to feel it.

If you ate the cookies untidily and put a stain on your clothes, this means that doubtful entertainment will bring unpleasant consequences.

If a man dreams of eating gingerbread, this is a warning about upcoming troubles or disputes. Difficulties in business may begin.

Eating cookies in a dream is also a sign of improving your relations with the partner. Sweet cookies are a sign of success, you just need to show determination and dedication.

If you were treated with cookies and asked for the recipe, you will achieve well-being through perseverance.

Sergii Haranenko

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