Eating Pastry Dream Meaning

If in a dream you happen to eat pastry, it means that you are missing something important and necessary in reality, the dream books assure. It is likely that you have desires and requests that have every chance of successful implementation, but only if the dream delicacy was fresh and tasty. In other cases, interpreters recommend clarifying what exactly did not suit you in the baked goods, and only after that finding out why such a dream is seen.

Miller's dream book, interpreting the dream of a plot in which you are brought to eat a cake bought with your last money, predicts wealth and prosperity. However, it should be noted that success will not be easy for you: you will spend both your nerves and time.

For a girl to feast on a sweet eclair in a dream is a sign of acquaintance with a wealthy and non-greedy young man. And if a man sees in a dream how he greedily eats many cakes with cream, this means that the dreamer lacks endurance and poise in reality.

The Eastern dream book gives its own interpretation of the dream, explaining why one dream of eating a tart. If you dreamed that you see a lot of cream cupcakes in front of you brought by your friends, that you chew with pleasure, eating one after another, this means that close people will give you many pleasant minutes.

Do you see in a dream how a stranger bought a cake for you, seeing how greedily you look at pastry? According to the Modern Dream Book, such a vision predicts receiving help from where you did not even expect.

A similar explanation exists in the Gypsy dream book, which deciphers what a vision promises in which guests come to treat you with sweet brownies. It is these people who will help you cope with difficulties.

A dream in which you eat a cake with unsweetened tea or coffee speaks of success and the fulfillment of desires, Pastor Loff's dream book says. You will achieve harmony and fulfill everything that you dreamed of very soon.

Did dream of a lot of cream cakes baked for your guests and you? Your well-being depends only on you. And if you baked this entire sweet splendor for sale in a dream, but could not resist and tried them, this means you will meet a large number of temptations on the way to the goal, overcoming which, you will reach your dreams.

Vanga's dream book tells about the need to be careful, explaining why one dreams of eating a cake that is stale or rancid. There is a possibility that someone will try to deceive you.

If you had a dream that after eating pastry, you did not feel its taste, this means that you are trying in some matters in vain - your action is meaningless and will not bring the desired result.

The plot in which you, for example, having bitten off a piece of a pie with cheese in a dream, felt a completely different aftertaste, has approximately the same explanation. In reality, you are delusional about someone or something. You want to see what is not there in reality, the dream books say.

    When figuring out why you dream of eating pastries, remember if there were any minor troubles in your dream. Here's what to expect if you dreamed that:
  • you dropped a piece – you will learn to share and help, and then you will get a hundredfold from fate;
  • smeared your face with cream – keep emotions under control;
  • smeared your clothes – do not get involved in a business that smells like scam;
  • a treat has been stolen from you – do not share your plans and secrets with anyone.
Sergii Haranenko
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