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Pink Color Dream Meaning

It is considered to be that pink color is seen in a dream by persons having a subtle mental organization and a vulnerable soul. But sometimes tough and brutal people can see this color in a dream as well.

Miller considers that you are a big dreamer if you often see pink color in your night plots. You build illusions, and then you yourself suffer because your expectations were phantom. The famous interpreter recommends lady-dreamers to come down to earth otherwise they can miss their happiness.

The Eastern dreambook gives similar interpretation for a dream about dyeing your hair pink: continuing to be an infantile child, being an adult, you run the risk of being foolish.

If you wanted to dye your hair black, but it turned to be pink, this plot means you are overwhelmed by wrong thoughts. Instead of focusing on the matter, you have head in the clouds.

Seeing your partner with pink hair in a dream is a symbol that he is being faithful to you, the Wanderer’s dreambook thinks.

Painting walls pink means you find it difficult to cope with your sad mood, so you are sometimes breaking bad, Summer dreambook thinks. Preacher Loff reminds the dreamers that the world is not revolving around them and everything that happens to us brings something good, even troubles, since they bring experience.

If a pregnant woman was painting walls pink in a dream, this symbol means that mostly probable you will have a girl.

Pink color is usually pleasant to watch. But if you see something pink that is not supposed to be this color, this is a symbol of disappointment.

    Here are the interpretations on untypically-pink items:
  • Pink plants - you will be disappointed in your partner;
  • Pink food, drinks - you will feel false in communicating with someone;
  • Pink animals - do not blindly believe unfamiliar people;
  • Pink eyes - someone wants to deceive you.

The dreambooks offer ambiguous interpretations explaining what pink colors in clothes means. If you dreamed of a delicate pink dress, or a wedding dress, even a home robe, then this is a sign of a romantic mood that hovers around you.

The outerwear of a poisonous pink color symbolizes the foolishness of the dreamer: you can hide some desires from your loved ones, but “dump” them before those who are not trustworthy.

Pink underwear or sleeping garments “allow” lady-dreamer some frivolities that will bring pleasure and will not lead to unpleasant consequences.

Sergii Haranenko

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