Biting Off Dream Meaning

If you happen to bite something off in a dream, it means that you have some doubts, say the dream books. But in order to understand why biting off appears in a dream, remember what exactly you stuck your teeth into: something edible or not.

Biting off something in a dream and swallowing it is a symbol of confidence in the correctness of what you are doing. But if you bite off a piece of something and spit it out, it means that you will be disappointed or offended by someone, Miller's dream book says.

Did you dream that you witnessed a stranger bite off something inedible? Someone will make you a "pawn" in their game. Be careful, the interpreter advises.

According to Freud, if you dreamed that you bit off your finger, it means your dissatisfaction with your own "bed" successes.

What a dream is about in which you bite off another person’s toes, Miss Hasse's dream book will explain: you do not want to continue relations with your current partner. And if you bite off fingers of another person, this means, on the contrary, are afraid that he will leave you.

Did you dream about how you bit your tongue off? Remember, under what circumstances this happened, the Gypsy dream book advises, deciphering why such a dream is seen.

For example, biting off a tongue while chewing food is a symbol of haste in decision-making. Remember, this can lead to fatal errors. And if someone pushed you, and you accidentally bite the tip of your tongue, then in reality you should be careful not to speak negatively about someone, the interpreter advises.

To bite or chew food in a dream is identified by Freud's dream book with intimate fusion. Seeing in a dream that you enjoy food means that having sex with your soulmate brings you real pleasure.

In the dream, biting one lip is a signal that you can harm other people with your actions or words. But in a dream, biting off one lip entirety, and a half of the second one, speaks of the impossibility of fulfilling a dream.

The East Dream Book will help understand why there is a plot in which you bit off someone’s ear. Remember, if you did it by accident, then such a vision suggests that you will be forced to defend yourself against other people's attacks. And if you have bitten off an ear on purpose, in a fit of anger, this means you are too straightforward and uncompromising with other people.

Had a dream about how you chopped off someone’s nose with your teeth? So, in reality, you strive to be a leader, asserts Longo's dream book. And if you lose your nose, then you should not try to stand out and being overly interested in things that do not concern you.

If you see in a dream how you were bitten on the cheek while kissing, while tearing off a piece of skin – this is a signal of hypocrisy and insincerity.

The interpretation of a dream in which you bite off a piece of apple tells you: your cherished desire will be fulfilled. Moreover, the larger the bitten apple was, the faster the wish will be fulfilled, the dream books are pleasing.

Biting off a large red apple is a signal of increased attention of the opposite sex, and if the dreaming fruit was green, it means that you will be raised or your salary will be increased.

Seeing in a dream how you tear off a piece of bread with your teeth is a sign of loss, possibly due to theft.

    Interpreting why you dream of biting off something else, remember what it was, dream books advise. So, to see that you bit off:
  • biting off snake's head - you will cope with troubles and with the intrigues of enemies;
  • biting off a piece of raw meat - it is likely that you yourself will become the cause of your illness;
  • biting off the thread put on the needle - you will look for a way to get rid of the adhering person;
  • biting off piece of iron, stone - you are wasting your time, it will be problematic to fulfill what you have in mind.

If you had to bite off something inedible in a dream, then in reality you have a good reason to doubt the words of others. The dream book advises to reflect on the proposal for cooperation, explaining what dreams of biting something tasty mean.

    A dream interpretation from A to Z connects the interpretation of a dream with the manner in which food is absorbed and its quality in a dream. So, to bite off:
  • biting off large pieces - predicts losses and inattention of the sleeping person;
  • biting off something vile - warns of libel;
  • biting off something rotten - promises unnecessary trouble;
  • biting off juicy watermelon - predetermines the grandiose success of the business begun;
  • biting off cheesecakes - to receive a new position, work.
Sergii Haranenko
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