Fish Fillet Dream Meaning

What it means if you dream about fish fillet? In most cases it predicts career growth and welfare in the family. The following image may also promise improvement of relations in the family.

    According to Miller's dream book, fish fillets in a dream means the following:
  • to buy fish fillets in the market dreams of prosperity;
  • to take it from friends - means a successful acquisition;
  • frying fish fillet - means achieving success;
  • eating spoiled fish fillet - predicts tears;
  • fillet with bones - is a symbol of worries and problems at work and at home.

If a man was cutting fish into fillets in a dream, this is a symbol of the need to take responsibility for something. If a woman eats delicious salmon fillet in a dream, this plot promises happiness in personal life.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on which fish fillet you dream about:
  • whitefish - means a passionate romance;
  • red fish - predicts inheritance;
  • salted fish - mutual understanding in a relationship with a loved one.
    Depending on what kind of fish fillet is seen in a dream:
  • fried fillet - winning the lottery or successful implementation of plans;
  • fresh fish fillet - receiving a gift from a best friend;
  • raw fish fillet - deterioration in health;
  • frozen fillet - searching for a new job;
  • fish fillet with worms - gossip from ill-wishers;
  • rotten fillet - means disease;
  • soft fillet - symbol of wealth;
  • tough fillet - a quarrel with a relative;
  • salted - jealousy on the part of the partner;
  • boiled fish fillets - improved relations with others;
  • smoked filler - is a sign of failure.
    Depending on the actions with fish fillet in the dream:
  • frying fish fillets – a symbol of luck;
  • to cook it - fulfilling a wish;
  • eating fillet - means respect from loved ones;
  • boning fish - worries about a family member;
  • buying fish fillet - promises a joyful event;
  • defrosting fish fillets means looking for new sources of income;
  • baking it - means promotion;
  • frying fillets in breading - the desire to control the life of a loved one;
  • grilling the fillet - means doubts about the loyalty of a partner;
  • making minced fish out of it - increase of income;
  • making cutlets - the implementation of a creative project.

If you dreamed about a piece of fish fillet, this is a sign of financial stability. Many pieces of fish fillets in a dream promise visiting a joyful event.

    Depending on who dreamed about the fish fillet:
  • an unmarried girl - meeting a nice guy;
  • pregnant woman - promises easy childbirth;
  • a married woman - replenishment in the family;
  • a married man - making a lucrative deal.
    Top-5 negative meanings of dreams about fish fillets:
  • Eating a lot of raw fish fillets predicts the risk of getting food poisoning.
  • To fry the spoiled fillet and treat it to guests - predicts the loss of trust of a friend or relative.
  • Holding fish fillets in a dream promises misunderstanding in the family.
  • To see how the cat ate the peeled fillet is a sign of bad luck.
  • Looking at black fish fillets is a symbol of health problems.
    Top-5 positive meanings of fish fillet in a dream:
  • Buying sea fish fillet predicts an exciting journey.
  • Baking it with vegetables - promises successful achievement of the goal.
  • Eating fillets with pleasure - means a solution to problems.
  • Get a huge fillet out of the refrigerator - promises a holiday.
  • Getting fillets out of the aquarium means a win.
    What does it mean when a fish fillet appears in your dreams, according to Freud's dream book?
  • eating fish fillets alone is a sign of insignificant financial losses;
  • with a loved one - participating in a promising working project;
  • with a stranger - to insult a loved one;
  • choosing fish fillets in a store means desire to diversify your sex life (for men).

Cooking fish fillet soup in a dream predicts renewing relations with a former partner; frying it in a large amount of oil – predicts an increase in wages.

Washing fish fillets in dirty water predicts loss of a friend's respect.

    According to the Esoteric Dream Book:
  • fish fillets on the counter predict abundance;
  • on the floor - the loss of the friends’ trust;
  • on the table - great career achievements;
  • in the bin - parting with a loved one.

making sandwiches with salmon fillets - trouble due to excessive gullibility.

Sergii Haranenko
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