Buying Fish Dream Meaning

In the dream book there are many explanations for what dreams of buying fish mean. Often a symbol in a dream signals a state of your health.

Frozen fish in a dream is considered a guide to action. For the female dreamer, the symbol means that now is the time to take care of yourself. Any procedures and manipulations will be successful.

This is not the only interpretation of a dream about buying fish for a woman. If the dreamer intends to cook dinner from it for the whole family, it means that her authority among the household is high enough.

Buying fish in a dream can bring good news for a female dreamer. The seen plot promises the desired pregnancy.

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The interpreter considers it an unkind sign if a spoiled fish product was purchased by mistake in a dream. There may be health problems for the future mother and child.

When you were lucky to buy a live pike in a dream, great luck awaits you in reality.

As for dreams of buying fresh fish, interpretations often explain them with physiological reasons, for example, excellent well-being.

If you dreamed of buying fresh river fish, the future is seen as bland and commonplace. If you dreamed how you bought fresh seafood, you will have of a lot of vivid impressions.

If you happened to buy frozen fish in a dream, you should not hope for passionate feelings in reality.

If a businessman dreamed that he bought frozen fish fillets, it is highly desirable to put current business in order. Something shelved and forgotten can remind of itself at the most undesirable moment.

If a girl who is in love happens to buy frozen fish in a dream, this is a sign that she has to be careful since she might have a passionate rival soon.

If you happen to buy fish in the store, you will find yourself in a pleasant company.

Buying fish in a store symbolizes successful acquisitions and new clothes in reality.

Buying fish on the market means the upcoming holiday in real life.

Dream interpretation does not recommend choosing fish for too long in a dream. The symbol may be the precursor of the disease.

If you dreamed you were buying a big fish, the dream book reports endless prospects, global changes and exciting events.

Buying smoked fish is considered by dream book one of the most favorable signs. You will receive a profit without investment and with little effort. Buying salted herring portends a pleasant surprise.

The purchase of dried fish in a dream promises an unexpected holiday.

If you order a portion of fried fish, in reality you will hear good news or entertaining gossip.

If you buy fish with caviar in a dream, in fact, valuable information will suddenly fall into your hands. You decide how to deal with it.

Sergii Haranenko
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