Worms Dream Meaning

Velesov’s dreambook considers worms in a dream a double sign. On the one hand, dreamers can be going through financial problems, health troubles, petty quarrels with relatives, and on the other hand, there will be a chance to make a new round in your development. Modern interpreters, explaining what maggots and caterpillars mean in a dream, call for prudence and accuracy.

Invertebrate creatures in a dream have a special interpretation in modern dream books. Psychologists urge not to be afraid of huge and thick worms, because they are symbols of wealth, luxury. Esotericists, in turn, attach importance not only to size, but also to color, the shape of worms seen in a dream.

For example, fat yellow caterpillars on flowers are a clue that your investment will be profitable. You should hurry signing the contracts and making deals. But, pink and gray larvae in a dream, unfortunately, do not guarantee success. And payment may be delayed indefinitely.

Long tapeworms in a dream testify to intricate cases for which one does not want to take on. But small worms suggest that the path to success will be quick, it’s worth boldly taking on short-term projects.

    To see worms in a basket of fruits and berries means plunging into the business, and earning a decent amount of money in short terms. However, Miller’s dream book, explaining what invertebrates symbolize in dreams, is not always optimistic in forecasts. The psychologist recommends recalling a product in which you happened to see parasites, worms:
  • worms in apples – promises prosperity;
  • in mushrooms – means climate change;
  • worms in fish – predicts reproaches, undeserved accusations;
  • in meat – a sign of disease;
  • worms in bread – temptations, vices.

If you dreamed of a bunch of nematodes twisted in a ball in a house on the floor, a dream means the beginning of a scandal. According to Freud’s dream book, feeling the worms inside your body, in the stomach, in the throat, in the mouth, spitting them out – is a sign of an annoying partner, whom you want to break off relations with.

Seeing tapeworms in a dream, pulling them out of you – predicts a spiritual emptiness after treason. The image seen in a dream means liberation from the pressure of an authoritarian person, parting with those who were not so dear to your heart.

Sigmund Freud claims that the dreamer will not be ready for a new meeting for a long time after mental devastation. However, the psychotherapist recommends not becoming isolated, to continue communication with the opposite sex.

The psychotherapist Tsvetkov considers worms in a dream to be symbols of a person’s vicious thinking. He warns against temptations for which you will have to repent later. That is why he pays special attention to actions with worms in a dream.

To remove animals feces in which worms swarm, indicates risk of tarnishing your reputation with an unseemly act. Giving an answer to the question of why one dreams of getting rid of invertebrates, Tsvetkov’s dream book urges you not to compromise if they try to drag you into a fraudulent scheme.

Along with unpleasant interpretations of dreams, there are also very positive ones. For example, digging up the soil in a dream, collecting earthworms, putting them in a jar, so that later you can fish, is a symbol of romantic mood. Both women and men will have a chance to enjoy a series of dates, find a soul mate, have a serious relationship if the worms did not cause negative emotions.

Using flies, ants, earthworms as bait in a dream - means the opportunity to seduce a person you have liked for a long time, to fulfill a number of adventurous endeavors and be on top of success. Dream interpretation of Hasse claims that your fame will extend far beyond the usual circle of friends. Popularity will help you find reliable friends, make useful contacts.

If the worms and tapeworms aroused disgust and the desire to crush and kill them, then the time has come for active action. Dream interpretation of Vanga recommends reconciling with lovers, forging relationships with parents and other relatives, finding common language with colleagues, management.

Seeing wireworms, tree-eaters, cooking worms in order to eat them promises career growth. There will be many obstacles on your way, but you will be able to come up with a plan with which you will bypass your competitors, find new partners, sponsors, patrons. Negotiations will be held peacefully, transactions will be concluded on favorable terms.

    What does it mean if the worms crawl on the bed in a dream? Shaking them off the body, hair, or bed means falling a victim of gossip. Being covered with larvae in a dream is the same as getting envious in reality. More accurate interpretations can be found if you recall where the parasites were:
  • in the wound - the repetition of mistakes;
  • in the ear - worries because of quarrel;
  • in the abdomen - the onset of the disease;
  • on the face - self-doubt;
  • on the skin - the appearance of admirers.

To see yourself at a cemetery in a dream - means making important decisions. To experience the grave cold, to smell the cadaverous smell - to measured actions, judicious actions. Explaining why worms eating flesh are seen in a dream, the dreambooks give the following answer. Projects that have long been outlined will begin to be gradually implemented, if the methods and techniques are honest, will not harm others.

Seeing maggots in dead bodies means an opportunity to be rehabilitated. The charges will be dropped, good reputation returned, slanderers and envious people punished. There is a chance to win disputes, litigation, earn money on bets. To achieve your goal, you will have to resort to the help of people whom you have long trusted, specialists, and high-ranking officials.

What do ascarids symbolize in dreams? According to the Newest dreambook, finding roundworms in oneself - is a sign of a cheeky freeloader, unjustified material and mental anxieties, expenses, unnecessary purchases.

Sergii Haranenko
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