Flute Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about a flute? According to the Magical dreambook, if you saw a flute in your dream, this is a symbol of hopes coming true. If you were playing a flute in a dream, this is a symbol of love anxiety.

As for Eastern dreambooks, hearing the sounds of flute in the dream plot predicts pleasant meetings with friends. A young woman's dream, in which she plays the flute, warns: she will fall in love with a man for his refined manners and external gloss.

You will have a friend, thanks to whom new alluring prospects will open up in your life, the Big Phoebe dreambook states.

Playing the flute yourself also predicts quarrels, ingratitude of friends and other troubles.

According to Grishina’s dreambook, if you play a flute in a dream, it means that you are too constrained in sex and are trying to do everything "according to the rules." Do not be afraid to improvise, and then success awaits you. If you hear someone playing this musical instrument, this means that you are trying to make your intimate life as varied as possible, but you are experiencing difficulties, because you do not know how to achieve this. Perhaps your partner will help you - he is tired of ordinary sex himself.

As Maya dreambook states, if you dreamed that you were making a flute, this means you will go on a journey soon. If you dreamed that you were playing the flute, this is a clear sign that you do not notice some problems.

According to Cleopatra’s dreambook, this ambiguous symbol can portend both fun, celebration of a happy event, and, conversely, herald the final enslavement to someone else's will. Do not rush to draw quick conclusions, because the key to the interpretation of this symbol lies not in a dream, but in your life views, in your fears.

Making a pipe with your own hands is a symbol of the upcoming big conversation, in which your fate will be decided and you will be able to prove that you are worthy of respect.

Enjoying the sounds of the pipe played for you - keep in mind that at the right moment you will not have to make a point, because someone will be ahead of you, try to be more decisive and do not hesitate when you need to make urgent decisions.

Seeing yourself surrounded by people, each of whom plays his favorite piece on a flute, means you will have to make a difficult choice on which not only your life will depend, but also the life of people close to you, your children.

Seeing yourself taking lessons on playing the pipe means excessive ambition and rigidity in expressing views will bring natural troubles, because of which you can lose what you have already deserved.

If you receive compliments on your virtuoso mastery of playing a flute, this dream is a symbol of the upcoming promotion, recognition of your merits and talents, encouragement of a project that you have long dreamed of.

Seeing yourself in the role of a fakir taming a snake by playing a pipe in a dream portends a successful contract, favorable conditions of work, which will be received thanks to your efforts and perseverance.

If you dreamed that you sold or lost your flute, this means you will wait for a love message, but you will not receive it, the healer Fedorovskaya thinks.

In a dream, you bought or someone gave you a flute - in the near future you will receive love message from a person whose feelings you did not suspect.

Playing a flute with a chamber orchestra foreshadows love experiences. Hearing the singing of forest birds, similar to the sounds of flute, means a pleasant meeting in the circle of kind, heartfelt friends. A dream about a broken flute is a sign of sad parting.

Sergii Haranenko
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