Gray-haired Man Dream Meaning

What is the white-haired man dream meaning? A dream about silver-haired man predicts receiving wise advice from an elderly relative. Besides that, this dream predicts health problems.

    Depending on who exactly you dreamed about:
  • a gray-haired familiar man - means the need to take care of your loved ones;
  • unfamiliar man with grey hair - fatigue from household chores;
  • gray-haired beloved husband - misunderstanding in relations with him.

Seeing an elderly gray-haired man is a sign of a protracted illness; if the man was young, this means unexpected news.

If a woman had a dream about white-haired man, this may mean the appearance of a secret admirer; for a man the dream means praise from his superiors.

What are the Top-5 bad white-haired man dream meanings?

  • An old man with long gray hair warns of negative changes in life.
  • A distant relative with gray hair - problems with the law.
  • Seeing a colleague with gray hair and beard - means participating in a dubious project.
  • Quarreling with an unfamiliar gray-haired man means losing an argument.
  • Seeing your father turning gray in a dream - means deterioration in well-being.

What are the Top-5 good dreams about gray-haired men?

  • Seeing the boss with gray strands in a dream speaks of a promotion.
  • To meet a gray-haired young man - means the appearance of an influential patron.
  • Hugging a gray-haired brother or son - a long-awaited meeting with relatives after separation.
  • A smiling young man with gray hair symbolizes great joy.
  • Dreaming of a dead friend gray-haired - means achieving a high position in society.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream portends a serious illness of one of the family members.

    Additional interpretations by Miller:
  • a gray-haired stranger in dreams symbolizes apathy and bad mood;
  • male friend with gray hair- the need to keep someone's secret;
  • an unfamiliar white-haired guy with a child in his arms - worries about the future of children;
  • if you dreamed that you were laughing at a gray-haired old man, this means condemnation from those around you;
  • an unmarried girl dreaming of sleeping with a gray-haired man means meeting a wealthy man.

According to Freud, silver-haired man in a dream can symbolize the wisdom of the dreamer.

    Additional meanings by Freud:
  • a man with gray hair in his hair means gaining valuable life experience;
  • completely gray-haired man - vain hopes;
  • a dream in which a woman danced with a gray-haired guy promises an unsuccessful love relationship;
  • dancing with an elderly man with gray hair and a beard - the desire to diversify your sex life.

A dream of meeting a gray-haired friend may promise a fun pastime in a male company.

Receiving a gift from a gray-haired stranger promises pleasant communication with interesting people.

Sergii Haranenko
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