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Interpretation of a dream about hair loss

If you have lost your hair, dream Interpretation calls this incident an unpleasant foreboding. This is a symbol of coming spending, difficulties at work, in relationships. But also the vision in the dream is encouraging: you will soon get rid of debts; will adequately get out of difficulties.

If the woman has a dream about hair falling out, this plot predicts health problems. If such image was seen by a man this means that his good intentions will lead to big spending.

A vision of losing hair on the head signals a sharp deterioration in financial condition. You will have to stick to austerity. If you became bald in a dream, the interpreters warn of poverty, poor material situation, and significant debts.

If only one hair strand fell out, a situation that you cannot influence will cause concern. Consider how you can adapt to it or use it for good. This image also means you will get rid of annoying or irrelevant commitments soon.

If your hair fell out and you were holding a strand in your hand, this is a symbol of difficult obstacles that you will have to pass. If you lost hair and now you have bald head, this means you will make an act for which you will have to pay seriously.

If you were losing a lot of hair in a dream, this means that your boss or another authoritative person will become the reason of the dreamer’s financial loss. You may lose your job soon. You should be more careful to perform official duties, to avoid conflicts with colleagues and superiors.

To a girl to see that her hair fell out in scraps means that she will worsen her spiritual state. This image also serves as a warning about the loss of your welfare and social status, which you have sought for a long time.

If you saw another girl with a strand of artificial hair falling off, you will accidentally learn about the intentions of enemies against you. Seeing a woman losing a whole bunch of her hair means you will become aware of the real causes of the circumstances. This will allow you to adjust the plans to achieve the desired result.

A dream about hair loss can also be a sign of relationship problems for a young girl.

If you were losing gray strands in a dream, this means that someone will remind you about an old debt which you will have to return. If you dreamed that gray hair fell out, and new, beautiful hair grew in stead, you will get rid of what has long annoyed you and hindered your development.