Hair In Food Dream Meaning

If you happened to find hair in your food in a dream, this is a symbol of a much unexpected surprise, both negative and positive.

If you dreamed about hair in food, Gustav Miller is sure that you are tired of the daily routine.

Hair in food symbolizes extreme surprise. Whatever happens, good or bad, for you it will be a real suddenness and even shock. For example, if you happened to see a hair on a plate, then you will face serious financial difficulties. And they will fall down literally from nowhere.

If a woman found someone else’s hair in her food, this sign means she has nowhere to wait for help and she will have to earn money for decent living herself.

Sometimes it is a hint that your generosity will turn into someone's meanness. If you felt a hair in your mouth, the dreambooks suspect that you are interfering in the affairs of others, which sets them against you.

Finding a hair in your food also means that evil gossip of people around you will cause you a number of problems. Seeing another person pick a hair from his food is also a negative sign. Your own chatter will put others in an awkward position.

A hair found in your dinner also marks an unexpected obstacle in a seemingly perfectly thought-out enterprise.

Finding a black hair in food means that someone set up a clever trap into which you will certainly get. Black hairs in a dream also warn about mental fatigue and moral depression. There is a chance that you are a victim of magical spells.

    The dreambooks offer interpretation of hair of different types found in food:
  • Bright - improving relationships with friends.
  • Golden - a new love.
  • Ashen - memories.
  • Gray - joy.
  • Redheads - change.
  • Chestnut - bad choice.
  • Dyed - doubts.
  • Wavy - sadness, misfortune.
  • Smooth - the end of trouble.

Finding a very long hair in food means that you will borrow money, and life will cease to please you. In addition, the long curls symbolize a long, but not the most successfultrip or disease. Sometimes a long hair in your plate can represent reconciliation with an enemy or leaving home for a long time.

Short hair in a dream warns of the urgent need to save.

Finding a big tuft of hair in a dish means that you will be greatly shocked by some event or take part in a fight. To see a shred of torn hair in a dream is a bad sign. This means that you will find yourself in the most difficult situation, from which you will get out with great difficulty.

The dreambooks are also warning about possible illness related to digestion system.

Sergii Haranenko
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