Great-grandmother Dream Meaning

Why do ancestors appear in our dreams? They come in a dream before especially significant events in our lives and warn of changes. As the dream book emphasizes, the great-grandmother appears as a sign of reproach or blessing. To understand the interpretation of the dream image, it is necessary to carefully analyze it.

The dreambooks consider that seeing a great grandmother in a dream predicts problems at work or in the family that can not be solved without the help of others. Besides that such a dream may be a warning of illness, predict getting a new position or moving to another city.

The appearance of a great-grandmother in a dream is equated with power, wisdom, spiritual revelation. Often this happens at particularly difficult, truly critical moments.

The dream interpretation is sure: events will occur that will affect not only the life of the dreamer, but the whole family. Moreover, their nature can be both positive and negative.

If you dreamed about your great-grandmother wearing black, this means the worst expectations will come true in reality. Great grandmother in light outfit promises a rebirth of hope and prosperity.

It is good if you managed to see the great-grandmother clearly in your dream. This means you will get help from relatives. If the image was vague, this is a sign that a person from the outside, perhaps a complete stranger, will help you.

The deceased great-grandmother is an indisputable authority in a dream, which is impossible not to pay attention to. Often, under her guise, parents or younger relatives hide in a distorted form.

The dream book tells you: remember what great-grandmother says. This is important information. If she leaned on a stick, then you should seek help from your loved ones.

Had a dream that the old woman was strong and did without support? This dream is a sign that you will cope with the problems that have arisen yourself, but you need to apply some proven method.

Great-grandmother in a dream is associated with the origins, hidden truth. She can symbolize one's own conscience or tribal protection.

She warns pregnant women about difficult childbirth, men about infidelity, women are guaranteed constancy in love. It is also possible that you are haunted by thoughts of inevitable old age.

What does it mean if you dream that you helped the old woman with pleasure? In real life, you will do a colossal job, but you will receive a meager reward for it.

In general, dreaming about great-grandmother can mean great happiness and well-being. But only if she was happy and content. If the grandmother is sick and sad in your dream, this is a sign that you will realize your powerlessness.

    What was the great-grandmother doing in your dream?
  • great-grandmother calls you with her – sign of poor health;
  • great-grandmother waving her hand – good luck in all endeavors;
  • great-grandmother hugs the dreamer – symbolizes good health;
  • if she kisses and strangles you – this dream predicts unrequited love;
  • great-grandmother crying in a dream – predicts a family conflict;
  • if she smiles – this means a joyful event in the family;
  • great-grandmother dies in a dream – symbolizes longevity;
  • great-grandmother sleeping – promises a period of stability;
  • great-grandmother gives you some thing – warning of heavy losses.
  • Where did you see your great-grandmother in your dream?
  • great-grandmother in a coffin – predicts family quarrels;
  • seeing her in the mirror – means solving all the problems associated with competitors;
  • great-grandmother in the window – well-being and prosperity in the future;
  • great-grandmother in her house – sign of loneliness;
  • seeing great-grandmother in the grave – symbol of depression, apathy;
  • great-grandmother in the countryside – promises a trip to the country.
    What are the Top-5 adverse great-grandmother dream meanings?
  • Helping a great-grandmother in a dream means doing difficult work.
  • Seeing her with your mother is a sign of illness of one of the parents.
  • Asking her for money loan – predicts unforeseen expenses.
  • Hearing promises from a living great-grandmother – warns of the loss of a loved one.
  • If you dreamed of your great-grandmother, this is a sign of longing and tears.
    Here are the Top-5 auspicious dreams of great-grandmother:
  • Not taking the things that she offers from the great-grandmother, means successful completion of the work begun.
  • Seeing her enter the house – promises unexpected wealth.
  • Feeding your great-grandmother in a dream – means increasing the level of income.
  • Lying next to her on the bed – symbolizes a long-awaited vacation.
  • Talking on the phone with great-grandmother means being in a good mood.
Sergii Haranenko
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