Black Clothes Dream Meaning

Why do we dream about black clothes? The dream interpretation calls it a symbol of unfavorable news, illnesses, losses, gossip, which can damage the reputation. But sometimes such a vision in a dream portends the completion of one stage and the beginning of a new one.

What is the meaning of a dream about rich, expensive black clothes on a loved one? The dream interpretation reports: you will occupy a high position in society, but this will not bring happiness or joy.

A person who wears dark robes in a dream personifies indecision and fear. To achieve what you have planned, you need to believe that you can do everything.

The dreamed person in black clothes promises ridiculous groundless rumors that the dreamer was somehow involved in the failures of other people. To put on black outfit yourself is a sign that, according to the dream book, a new business can turn into trouble. Dressing someone else means you should not be frank with outsiders.

Trying on clothes of this dark color in a dream means you will create serious problems for yourself. Also, trying it on means: you can get sick soon.

If a woman dreamed that she was wearing a dark hat - she would have a stronger, more successful rival, which the dreamer could not compete with.

White and black shirt or dress, portend: joys and sorrows will quickly alternate, not allowing you a break.

Why do we dream about black clothes on a nun? The dream interpretation explains: this is a symbol of the end, followed by a new beginning. Maybe it's time to change your job. Seeing a nun in a dream often portends the end of relationship that has long become a burden. You will feel relief.

The girl who dreamed of a monk is warned about the spread of gossip, capable of quarreling her with her lover.

If you were in a monastery in a dream, and there were many monks around, this means: your soul needs time for solitude, so that you can think about yourself, rethink the circumstances, look at the environment from a different angle.

The vision of mourning robes testifies: you will soon have to part with your long-cherished plans, dreams, and this will turn out to be very difficult.

Why does one dream of black clothes on people? Dream Interpretation warns: danger threatens someone from dreamer’s close environment. However, if he provides assistance to relatives or friends, problems can be overcome. The interpretation of the dream about people in such robes promises difficulties, and the more so, the more people you saw.

The dead man dressed so foreshadows the imminent demise of one of his friends. The deceased also warns of a serious illness of a relative.

What is meaning of a dream about a man dressed like that? Dream interpretation promises serious financial losses. It is necessary to make decisions very responsibly, think them carefully over.

    The dreambooks take into consideration who was wearing black outfit in your dream:
  • Man – there can be a trouble with someone close to you;
  • Woman – a man is disappointed by women;
  • Your own child – he can get seriously ill;
  • Unknown child – small troubles can become your problems;
  • Brother – upset from your family;
  • Boyfriend – machinations of ill-wishers will prevent you from implementation of your plans;
  • Girlfriend – your dreams will not be fulfilled soon, but everything will come back to normal soon;
  • Lady-friend – being ready to contradict a rival;
  • Mother – bad news from long-distance relatives;
  • Ex-husband – the coming events will disappoint you a lot.

Why does a young woman dream of seeing herself in black clothes, especially in a suit? This is a harbinger of impending sadness and disappointment.

Did you have a dream of seeing black clothes on yourself? The dream book warns: you should be ready forquarrel with relatives, as well as receiving unpleasant news.

To see oneself dressed in black in a dream means: losses are coming. It will be necessary to cover unforeseen expenses caused by past waste. Savings will allow mitigate the situation slightly.

To see your relatives wearing black together with you - you won’t be able to avoid conflicts with them in reality.

Sergii Haranenko
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