Hiding From A Man Dream Meaning

If you happened to hide from a man in a dream, then you can be expecting major troubles, disagreements with others and big worries in reality.

According to Miller, hiding in panic from a man in a dream is a sign that you are just running away from your problems. Until you solve these problems new ones will be only adding.

An attempt to hide from a man in a dream can be a reflection of your inner discomfort, contradictions, uncertainty, weakness before life tests.

Hiding from a scary man in a dream means that the person who offended you will try to make amends for some unpleasant incident.

Sometimes the character you are hiding from be can subconsciously associated with an imperious husband or father. But more often, seeing yourself hiding means that you are seriously in love.

If you managed to hide from the chaser in a dream, this means that unlucky period will be soon changed with a successful one. The dreambooks also think that this image means you managed to escape a big trouble. But if you could not hide in a dream, there is a possibility that you will fall into a strong dependence.

If you were trying to hide from a rapist or maniac in a dream, this means that you have taken on too many responsibilities and are tired of the crazy race.

    If you remember from whom you were hiding in a dream, you can get a detailed dream interpretation:
  • From father - happy marriage.
  • From husband / loved one - reconciliation, harmony.
  • From your boss - an urgent task.
  • From brother / friend - hidden talents.
  • From the maniac - suspiciousness, unreasonable fears.
  • From the policeman- an unexpected offer.

If you were hiding from an unknown guy, this means you will have an unpleasant admirer or interlocutor in reality. Hiding from an unknown man is a sign you have to be careful and take a good care of your reputation.

Seeing yourself as a victim means you will have a period or losses and troubles. Hiding from a very handsome unknown man in a dream means you should be ready for some strong feelings.

If a lonely young girl happened to hide from a man in a dream, this plot means she will face infidelity and deceit of guys. If a married woman sees such dream, she can be expecting a lot of bothers. This dream is also a reflection of obsessive thoughts, fears and experiences.

If you happened to run away from a terrible rapist in a dream, this is a warning that the tendency to see in people and events only bad, will lead to a nervous breakdown and depression.

The feeling of running away in panic and fear in a dream is a sign you will experience shame and remorse in real life soon.

If you jumped through the window in order to hide from a man outside, this image means you will get into silly situation because of your own stupidity.

If you had to run, but couldn’t move in a dream, this means that in order to achieve the desired you will have to take a serious risk.

Sergii Haranenko
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