Holding A Girl In Your Arms Dream Meaning

Did you have a chance to hold a girl in your arms in a dream? With the same probability, you will find a miracle, loss or news. To understand specifically why this image is seen in a dream, the dream book advises to consider all its possible details.

The interpretation of a dream should begin with deciphering the main image - the child herself. It is always good for men to hold a girl in their arms in a dream. The dream interpretation is sure that this is a sign of the divine presence: a guardian angel, an assistant in earthly affairs.

Sometimes the vision hints at some naivety. Perhaps you overestimate your own strengths or, on the contrary, underestimate the situation and competitors (enemies).

If you dreamed that the child was dirty, crying or sick, this means there will be sharp decline in business, and you risk losing your sense of reality.

The dream book offers women a more extensive interpretation of dreaming about a little girl. Initially, the girl personifies the immaturity of the soul, in a dream she also means the primitive "childish" manner of behavior of the dreamer.

Why is your own child seen in a dream? The dream plot only reflects the relationship with her, possible problems or unconscious fears.

An unfamiliar baby-girl warns that what you have planned will certainly come true, however, you will have to work hard.

Did you have a dream about holding a very beautiful girl? For a woman, this is a sure sign of an imminent pregnancy or other much unexpected event.

The worst thing is to see a dirty, whimpering or sick girl. This is a sign of inadequacy, base desires and stupidity.

Miller's dreambook is sure: if a woman had to hold a girl in your arms in a dream, she should be suspicious of her lover. He may be cheating on her.

What does it mean if you dreamed that you could barely hold the little girl, because she kicked and bit? Prepare for big problems that will be the result of truly shocking news.

    For a more accurate decoding, the dream book advises you to take into account why exactly you took the little girl on your arms:
  • To play with her - success, victory.
  • To feed her - chores will bring satisfaction.
  • To calm her down - increased efficiency, diligence is required.
  • To punish her - you will experience discomfort, inconvenience.

If you had to swing a clearly ill girl in your arms in a dream, the dream book predicts a period of mental anguish and torment.

Did you dream of a crying girl? Expect deteriorating health and general decline. But seeing and kissing a healthy and strong girl means that you will retain attractiveness until old age.

Why do you dream that you happened to hold a very small baby girl in your arms? This is an indication of a certain undertaking, be it a relationship or some kind of business.

Seeing a dirty and ugly baby-girl is worse. The dream interpretation is sure that this is a reflection of bad and even dangerous thoughts. It is good to breastfeed a newborn in a dream. In the near future, everything will work out in the most magical way.

Did you have a dream that you were holding a newborn girl and she smiled at you? A real miracle will happen to you very soon!

Sergii Haranenko
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