Kissing A Baby Dream Meaning

Kissing a child is always good in a dream. This is a good symbol of a successful period, family joy, decent profits, and emotional balance.

Did you kiss a baby with great joy in a dream? You have entered a period of perfect harmony with your own soul. The same plot suggests that prosperity, understanding, welfare will come to your house.

But if you dreamed that you carried the baby in your arms, then the dream book advises to prepare for the numerous troubles and worries at work.

If you kissed baby, trying to lull him, then wait for a quiet family happiness and peace of mind. However, to see that caress does not soothe a naughty baby means that some serious trouble is coming.

According to Miller, if you started to kiss a baby, you will experience complete job satisfaction and make peace with households. You will also experience the joy and satisfaction of communicating with loved ones. But if the baby is crying, then the future well-being will be somewhat darkened by unpleasant events.

If you were kissing younger siblings, the dream interpretation is convinced: the holiday is coming, and if you show patience and attention, then good luck will come to you for sure.

But kissing a child without a special mood means that impatience and fuss will bring a very unexpected result.

Did you dream of deciding to kiss a baby? You will get a very pleasant surprise. The same plot promises an awkward situation in which you will be mocked or laughed at gallantly.

It is good to see that children are trying to kiss each other in a dream. Dream Interpretation promises stability, prosperity and reconciliation.

What is the meaning of a dream, if the child himself decided to kiss you? In fact, you will get unexpected problems. The worst thing to kiss a child who sleeps. It is a symbol of the collapse of all hopes and dreams.

If you kissed a girl in a dream, it promises a happy marriage and a coming pregnancy for a woman, and good luck for a man. If you hurried to caress the girl, then expect a big surprise in reality. If you dreamed that you tried to kiss a girl, but she kicked and ran away, this means your plans will fail.

What it means, if you managed to kiss the boy in a dream? A very fruitful period is coming in all respects. Were you trying to caress a crying boy? Dream interpretation advises to rely solely on your personal opportunities.

If you happened to kiss a very small baby, the venture will require maximum investment and long patience.

If you embraced and led of a small child by the hand in a dream, then the dangerous enterprise will be completed very successfully.

Kissing and even just seeing a nursing baby means that you will be able to maintain youth and health for many years.

Kissing a child on the cheek means that in reality you will know the delightful feeling of gratitude and recognition.

Did you dream of having to caress a dead child? The interpretation of a dream is categorical: forget about your plans, you need complete rest now.

Sergii Haranenko
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